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im absolutely terrified at the thought of attempting to breastfeed again. Currently 21 week pregnant with my third child i would rather give birth than breastfeed, however i want the best beginnings for my baby as i did before so i will give it my bet shot. I fed my last child for 16 weeks of what i can only describe as pure hell. I suffered from nipple blanching throughout and nobody on the island had heard of or seen it before, so i relied on the help of breastfeeding advisors over the phone which is totally infuriating.


Well done for reaching 16 weeks, I only managed 9. I had this too and it look a long time for it to be properly diagnosed (eventually I was sent back to maternity and one of the midwives diagnosed it - she had only seen it once before). It hugely affected my relationship with the baby and I had to stop feedng him due to the intense and constant pain.


A local support group would have made alll the difference to me, particularly a counsellor and support workers. I think this is a brilliant idea.

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I wanted to breastfeed all my children, but when I had my first 19 years ago I haemorrhaged and couldn't do anything, so the midwives fed him a bottle. Once I had 2 blood transfusions I was ready to give it a go, but he just would not take it. I think it was because of the bottle. The only "help" I got was midwives pulling my nipples and trying to get his mouth onto them. It never worked. All that happened was that he got frustrated and so did I so after a couple of days I just gave up and he was a bottle fed baby. My next 4 were all breastfed :) I have just about finished my birth doula and post natal doula courses. Have my last qualifying birth in less than 2 weeks :) The courses did cover a bit about breastfeeding, but would love to to the training that is offered up here too and be a volunteer to the breastfeeding support service. I think it's a great idea. :D Don't think I'd be able to take part in a mass breastfeed though as my kids are now aged between 12 and 19. Think they're more into pizza these days :)

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