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Custom Avatars?

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I think it is to happen, but there are some problems:


We're gonna set up the facility shortly. We've been holding back coz it opens up quite a few security issues (it's a liability opening up the server to allow people to upload stuff). We're working on the security now.


It could also increace our hosting costs (ie more server space and bandwidth) which could be a pain coz we pay for this site ourselves and don't generate any revenue


One simple option is to allow users to link to off site images, but this could knacker our site formatting (ie someone could link to an image four times the size of your screen etc)


We'll get something sorted soon. Its on our 'to do' list


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We're trying to track down a bug which prevents linking to offsite avatars. Its a labourious job and it's proving to be very annoying!!


Uploading pictures causes potential security issues, which we're working to fix.


However, it may take a while untill we can find the time to sort these 'features' as we're working on a some new sections of the site which is taking up most of our time

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