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problem with mouse

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Problem with mouse solved....




Yeah, sorry, couldn't leave it be with the thread title. Effing around fighting a dead slow linespeed all day you need silliness by teatime....or beer! :wink:

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I really can't see what benefit wireless brings to them which is worth the functional inadequacy.

I use a wireless keyboard and mouse without any problems. Latency is just fine; never drops out. The added benefit is that I can use it for my desktop, my laptop (which has a terrible keyboard and mouse track-pad) and X-box (which has neither) simply by moving a single, tiny USB dongle. The other benefit is being able to move the keyboard and mouse away from the computer if I want to watch films; can sit at the back of the room and still drive the computer.

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I love my wireless mouse, it's a Logitech G7 wireless laser gaming mouse. I've had it a good few years. Before that I had a MS wireless one which was awful.


This one the batteries last eight hours. It sounds awful, but you get two of them, and it takes 2 hours to recharge and 2 seconds to swap. The recharger is built into the USB stick thingy, which is on my keyboard tray. So it's never a problem, I have a ready charged one waiting for me. I have it set to a warning at 5% charge left, so I never run out of charge suddenly.


I thought, given that it is five years old, the battery life would have shortened, but no, it keeps going :D


I'd never have a wired mouse now after the freedom of a good wireless one.

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All very fair points. Personally, however, I don't use computers in any of those ways so I'll continue to avoid such wireless peripherals, and keep cursing when I end up using them on other people's systems.

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