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More council buget cuts next year....


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Carlos, your post indicates that there are 2000+ managers, is this correct??

No, 2800 full time equivalent posts in the council, for all workers.

Of which 2000 came under the control of "Education and Social Care".

So 800ish posts for everybody else: Finance, Ports and Harbours, Ferries, Roads, Planning, Town Hall, Transport, Legal etc.


As I understood it anyhow. It'd be interesting to see a more detailed breakdown.

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Must be quite a shock to find out you have more than 200 million in the bank.


I may be ok this year. Let us wait for next April.


You could sorta look around and see how lucky folk there are. You may have had it better than good for years, now your down and grooving with the rest of us. Does your DayCare for the elderly or folk with learning problems gone up to 50 pounds a day, do you charge up to 10 a trip for community transport. Have benches removed and not replaced.


You do quite well as a community, once more folk get offa their laurels and get involved in more community stuff, local councils and charity groups and start to actually do stuff you could do even better.

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