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Bagpipes @ Victoria Pier :(

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some music is better than nothing!! cant say i would listen to the music that comes fae high level most days but it does brighten up the street on a grey day and makes it even better on a sunny one so fair play to anyone that is at least trying!!


its easy to sit at home and complain! pick up a fiddle and gie us a tune!!


There has been a ‘Meet and greet’ service provided for the visiting cruise passengers as they step ashore at Lerwick for many years now. Each passenger is welcomed ashore by a lady in traditional Shetland dress accompanied by two traditional Shetland fiddlers.

The skirl o' da pipes has nothing to do with Shetland tradition and is an unwelcome distraction.

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Lerwick is so backward when it comes to liners it's a wonder any bother coming at all.


Shops keep closed (especially Sunday's), you'll always find roadworks galore popping up when the liners start calling, not even a hint at entertaining passengers/locals in town with say live music on the pier or street during their visit, (not bagpipes, as as nice as they are, are only bearable so long). It gets to the stage the passenger's highlights are the charity shops and the Harbour cafe!


In essence thinking about it there's really not much for them to do in town.

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Imagine getting off your backside, dressing up in traditional Shetland costume, standing on Victoria Pier with the Lerwick Brass Band playing, and individually meeting thousands of strangers every summer with a warm smile?

And imagine spending hundreds of hours showing off your Island home with a genuine knowledge and and interest in the people you are dealing with?

I can imagine the critics sitting on their backsides and doing damn all for Shetland Tourism.

Get a single ticket out of here if that's your total contribution

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Imagine going into town on a Saturday morning and be so astonished to find the squeals of the pipe band being played and then fast footing it home to complain about it on Shetlink at dinner time! That takes some doing, bloody pathetic!


I predict the same crap being posted next week when the carnival is on and the various UHA squads are parading with the floats and also when the tall ships starts!


How many people complaining about this actually get off their arses and contribute something or is it just easier to have a go on Shetlink?



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Personally I'd say a lengthy barrage from the Fort cannon.....just below the water line, would be far more perfect.

Could be highly profitable, and much easier and likely to succeed than swinging a lantern fae da banks broo nowadays.


Might not be a sustainable industry though. :ponders:


Then again piracy and kidnap is a growth industry in some parts......hmm



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Good for the pipe band 8)


Encouraging to see that some folks are prepared to give up their own time to make an effort for the tourists.


I suspect most tourists aren't aware of the right wing element of Shetlink that seem to think Shetland has nothing to do with Scotland.


If anyone has ever met the tourists as they depart @ 8:00 in the morning on a grey, damp, misty August morning with a temperature about 10 or 11 deg C, you'll know how much cheering up they need.

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A transcript of the most recent meeting of the Shetland Independence League has been sent to me, I've hidden the names to protect their identities.


#1: Boys did du hear that a pipe band, yes a pipe band was doon at da pier.

#2: Nah billy du must be mistaken dis is Shetland we dunna hae such a thing.

#3: Yeah we do it is full o yun Scotti types dat invaded.

#1: Scotti folk (spits on floor) did du hear wan o me nieces cam hom and said excuse me to her midder.

#3: Nah surely no

#1: I ken, whit neest haeing tourist and scotti (spits) folk understand de when do is asked a question.

#2: Not on my watch boy, not on my watch.

#3: Lets tak action boys.

#2: Yeah lets sort dis oot once and fur all

#1: Boys it is we a heavy heart I'm going to eat me denner den go on Shetlink and hae a moan.

#2: Is do sure billy

#1: Dat I im.

#3: Well I hae to say I was tinking o sticking a blade in all da bagpipes so da buggars canna blow dem up, but maybe moanin on Shetlink is da wye.

#2: I doot dat, only true blood shetland types geen on it so none o yun scotti types can answer

#1: Scottis (spits)

#3: Boy will do mind da carpet da wife got it up when we were doon shopping in Glasgow

#1: Boy is du a scotti (spits) sympathiser?


There was no more to the transcript I imagine a fight broke out about the carpet at that point. It has been translated into the not accepted "horrible english lik shetland"

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I would be happy to have the fiddles or the bagpipes were I alighting from a cruise ship in Lerwick.

I would be equally happy to have an Elvis impersonator, a soul band or a pop group singing the full range of Beatles songs.

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