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Why does no one go to church??

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lots of folks do go. why does it matter to those that don't believe. if acording to annie we can only believe in what we understand then that limits our exsistance greatly. have a look on sunday morning in lerwick at the number of people about. i love all the little churches dotted about. much better that they stay open and serve the community than be sold off.


That's not quite what I said. I said *I* believe that there may be things beyond human understanding and that faiths of everykind represent mankinds struggle to understand them ... at least I thought that was what I'd said. I respect that others believe in 'answers' those various struggles have led to but personally I remain unconvinced by any of them. But I certainly don't think we can only believe in what we understand ... I believe that the sun isn't going to fall from the sky, but astrophysics is way beyond me :wink:

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Hmm, well, as an observation I find it kinda strange how people constantly blaspheme/use as a swear word the name of God/Jesus/Christ....


I've even seen it on this forum.


Kinda odd how no other name is used for cursing or with such courseness when done.....


As I said though, just an observation.

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Guest posiedon
Kavi Ugl

I find it kinda strange how people constantly blaspheme/use as a swear word the name of God/Jesus/Christ....

Blasphemy used to be a victimless crime, now (at last) it's not a crime at all, get over it.


If there was a god I would have been smitten many years ago, I wasn't so there isn't. :)

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Guest Anonymous

Is the answer: Because it's open on a Sunday?

Maybe if churches opened on a Tuesday or, say a Thursday, I'd go.. but not on my day off!


By the way... Isn't it meant to be 'the lords' day of rest aswell? I think I understand why he doesn't allways answer your prayers. :idea:

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Out of interest GR do you find your lack of religious belief makes you amoral? I only ask as most religious folk apear to believe society would collaps into sin without religion. Something I happen to think has happened with the help of religion.


I don't think so, religion or not an individual still has a conscience, powers of reasoning, and respect for others. I don't believe any religion can claim they invented those, nor that they have exclusive rights to them.


Perhaps my morals aren't exactly as whatever religion(s) would tell me they should be, but they're ones that make sense to me, and I believe they are important. I'm far from convinced any religion has got it right as concerns morals anyway, nor that any have the ideal answers to ensuring everybody adheres to them either.


Some things you just do not do, because of the probable retribution, as your powers of reasoning tell you that if they were done to you, you'd want the perpetrator's head on a platter. Others you just do not do from a mixture of all three reasons, that whatever it was would be unwelcome and unpleasant for whoever it was done to, and that you either didn't wish to impose that unpleasantness on another, or that you neither had the right nor justification to impose it upon them.


Whatever you do, you have to live with yourself afterwards ad infinitum. To me that's a far harsher, immediate and permanent judgement with a hanging judge, than some form of "judgement" by an ill defined "God" at some unknown future time, the positive and negative repocussions of which are equally ill defined.


I agree with you that religion has in fact caused "sin" and a deterioration in societal standards in many instances. To me the suggestion that we'd be worse off without them is simple scaremongering. Especially when "sin" is as likely to be found within religious organisations as outside it, and there are a significant population of people who have wholly rejected religion, but don't spend every spare moment going around robbing, rapeing and pillaging, instead they quietly get on with their lives and business living peacefully among other people.


@~Annie~: No problem. You're welcome.

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