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Jacket Theft @ Clickimin Sports Centre


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Whoever the thief was addict or not, I was only pointing out the fact that theft is carried out by all sorts of people.


Very good point, indeed I am sure statistics show a sizable amount of petty thefts are by people who don't "need" to steal, but it is more an opportunistic or adrenalin rush thing..


Also a very valid point by Pooks above - I've lost several Jackets over the years, usually having left them hanging on chairs etc at functions. I have never once considered any of them stolen, probably some poor fellow somewhere discovered the jacket they mistook for theirs was a few sizes too big next time they went to wear it :lol:

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I hope it was a case of mistaken identity, but now, if the person who made that mistake is publicly called or accused of being an addict, you may have blown your chances.



I am amazed that this topic can turn so quickly. Not one person seems to have considered the fact that somebody may have picked it up by accident mistaking it for their own.


Is it possible that a similar green jacket may still be hanging there yet?

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Don't know about lost property :? ! He searched every single unlocked locker & cubicle, as did the staff after he was gone. The police searched the changing rooms on the tuesday, all finding nothing. The jacket was then found in a locker, rather crumpled up on the thurs/fri.


Not sure where it had been, but he was very glad to get it back all the same :)

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Funny how folk tend to jump to their own conlclusions isn't it ?

Glad the fellow got his jacket back, especially in the shetland summer climate. I take it it was just the jacket he lost. I'm sure it would've been mentioned if a wallet or mobile phone had gone missing. One less crime for the northern constabulary to investigate. :D

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