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Can you eat seagull?


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In Faroe I know they used to eat Puffin at times, maybe still do for all I know, which is a seabird as much as many others.


They used ropes to lower themselves over the cliffs and nets to catch them in. Did that ever happen in Shetland in the past, I wonder?


They still eat Tammie Norrie's in Faroe. They were even available at the buffet on the Norrona aboot 10 years ago!

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the only time I've visited Faroe (afore they took the Norrona away) was about 10 years ago too, but sadly we missed the Tammie Norrie season, though we did see them being prepared.


If I recall correctly there were various seabirds on offer at restaurants, I can't see why that would have changed.

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i hope your genuinely not gonna eat a diseased ridden rat of the sky!


hmm pigeon??


They plague many a town. They are adapt for cliff life, hence the way they nest in all the buildings.


George, take the ring off first, and you may find them full of plastic due to our lack of respect for nature.


I heard that they were boiled.

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