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Moving a cat to Shetland

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We brought three cats up on the ferry. We basically converted the back of the car to a large cage for them using a couple of dog cages fixed together. They had their bedding in there, and a litter tray at the other end of the cage, along with water and a small amount of dry food. The windows were ajar with a battery-powered fan on one window (but it wasn't warm down there, so it was really just to keep the air moving). They were absolutely fine, not bothered at all by the process. It was very easy.


We didn't fancy using the Northlink kennels, as the cats would be potentially right next to a dog, which probably would have been distressing for them.


You can bring cats on the plane, but the whole procedure sounds miserable.

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When we moved to Shetland, 3 years ago, we put our cat into a small kennel on the ferry and he was abslutely fine with it and survived the journey with no problem.

An alternative is, as suggested, to keep him in the car for the journey but, for the small cost of using the kennel cage, it wasn't worth the hassle.

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I have taken a cat on the old boats,and the new.


The current boat`s kennels in my opinion are horrendous. They are down in the depths of the ship,noisy and smelly(engine/car smells). Also the being near dogs issue.


If you can, leave the cat in the car with litter tray etc.


Having said that...the cat survived...and didn`t seem the worse for it...but I felt terrible.


Maybe the vet can give you something to calm the cat.

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Our much-loved Filska (as in avatar) arrived here 15 years ago via the Clair - she was in a cardboard box with an old M&S cashmere jumper in it and spent the night therein on the floor of the cabin. The frequently-washed and somewhat shredded jumper is still in her cat bed! But she was just a little kitten and maybe things were easier to manage back then. Lots of polythene and a litter tray in your own car sounds the least frightening option.

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These are the numbers to call regarding taking a cat on Loganair.

0844 800 2855 (Mon-Fri 0700-1700)

01496 302022 (Sat 0900-1300, Sun 1530-1830)


£10 one way as long as you travel with the animal.

If you do not wish to travel with the animal, it can travel as cargo, but cargo rates will apply and not the £10 previously mentioned.


Hope this helps


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The smell of cat pee in a car is one that never comes out (especially bad when the sun shines) and stays with you all forever.




We put our cats on at Heathrow and got them off at the end of the baggage line (when it just ended in a straight line). They had ACP for the journey and all three were fine.

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