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Moving a cat to Shetland

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We took two cats on the boat. Awful experience. We asked for a kennel, much bigger and easier to get into. Unfortunately all the kennels had dogs in, so we had to use the small animal cages which are stacked one above each other. The numbers we were given were head height, and we could hardly see into them.


There were cars and noise behind us, and not much room to grab a cat by the scruff from a carrier and put them head height into the cage.


It was even worse trying to get them out from the back of the cage and try and get them back in the carriers - we couldn't clean them out when we left because we couldn't reach. We were so close to having them escape onto the car deck.


Was a nightmare!

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May be not like this (old, I know)




S - Pete


You comment on most things sir but this is well, just very poor! This person a pet lover didn't need that sort of crap from you.


even if only in jest ( not well placed )


if this was my post then a very wordy PM would have come your way explaining how I would love to test such device on you good self.


I am glad this person has managed to transport their much loved pet to this the isle ( all be it a tough journey ) and hope they both enjoy there time here.


you plonker sir





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we took 2 cats in the boat (Northlink) but left them in the car, which they had just travelled 8 hours in from south.

We sprayed the car, and the cat box with "feliway" and the cats were never distressed or upset the whole journey.

For the boat we opened the cat carrier, and left the litter tray in one footwell and food & drink in the other.

They each curled up on a seat and slept so well, they didn't even try to get up when we opened the car doors!

Hope that works as well for you whether you use air or sea.

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Thanks for reproducing the image yourself. I will not call you any names though. That can remain your domain.


My personal thoughts of cats are mixed, although one or two come into the garden every day and leave their messages, fight out side the bedroom window at all yours and scare the birds from the bird feeding table out side. They are ok. They are especially good for recovering folk, stroking and petting them can lower stress (though some evenings extermination could do the same, but that was in jest, a bit of light hearted banter).


If I were bringing an animal to Shetland, I would have to think of how the animal would suffer any transport mode, would the stress levels be too much to be fair.


Alas for the cat, we own them, so they come with us on our travels. You can only do what you think is right for your animal, as you are the one who knows it.

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