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Sea Shepherd in Shetland


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I'm sure either DHMarine or maybe Thulecraft could maybe sell them a new one....



This afternoon, the Sea Shepherd ship, Sam Simon, stopped in the Shetland Islands to refuel.

To the surprise of the crew, while in port, Scottish authorities seized the small boat at the request Danish authorities.



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Get a grip George ,  pilot whales are not endangered and they are eating them. You are just being a sensationalist fairy.


If you want to get all self righteous about abuse of the planet why not go for something that is having a global impact ?


 The monoculture of palm oil & the eradication of huge swathes of the planets tropical jungle to grow soya to feed all the cattle which the bulk of the human race over-eats.


This faroese tradition is sustainable and they have every right to do so if they wish.

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The Faroese tradition probably is sustainable, Cheesy, but IMHO it's carried out in a particularly cruel manner. All the whales that they choose to kill could be killed quicker, therefore there would be less time spent scaring the s**t out of the b*ggers.


As to your comments about the amount of jungle that is cut down to grow soya, provide cheap wood etc, it is also wrong. It's a huge waste of a major resource that provides oxygen for man to breath and it's not justifiable. Look at the Amazon and consider the waste and destruction carried out there. They're even taking away the homelands of ancient tribes of man that have never needed to communicate with modern man until now. What honest reason is there for taking away their form of life? The greed of mankind is not an acceptable excuse.
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