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Nobody can stop you from driving on, or parking on (where legal, of course) any of the roads in town that are open, or any of the public car parks.


That said, many roads will probably be closed and more central parking may logically be reserved for those who require it.


The park and ride will be by far the easiest and most convenient option for most I would think :)

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I think you can take your car anywhere in the town if you wish, apart from the Esplanade which will be closed for the duration. Certain areas have been designated for Blue Badge parking . I would think though you would be lucky finding somewhere to park in central Lerwick unless you come in early. It's bad enough at normal times.


The leaflet that came with the Shetland Times is here




There are three main designated disabled parking areas during the event.

• The Co-op overspill car-park, Holmsgarth

• Lower Fort, Commercial Road

• Outside Royal Bank of Scotland, Commercial Street

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