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commercial street postbox


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I recall, on one occasion, someone pulling alongside the postbox intending to put letters in the box without getting out of the car. However, one of the letters didn't get in the box and slipped under the car. The driver was worried about driving over the letter, couldn't open the driver's door as it was too close to the wall and was too fat to clamber over and get out of the passenger door. He called across to someone passing by and that person (not me, I add) agreed to crawl along by the car to pick the dropped letter up.

I was not impressed to see this although, I suppose, the driver could have been disabled and thus unable to retrieve the letter himself.

It just seems to be laziness generally that folks post letters this way.

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well the world hasn`t stopped, yokels have had to leave their cars to post letters , for just a few days one or two may even lose a bit of weight

thank you tall ships




We always have. They go straight on the plane and away around here, no need to faff around we da toon slowing them down.

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