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Alleged hacker arrested in Shetland

Sudden Stop

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I cant help feeling that we're probably going to have to launch something serious at some point soon to rescue this 18 year old boy from the raptor-like jaws of American justice. It will be a lot more expensive to save him once he's being waterboarded by the CIA.


He hasnt killed anyone, he hasnt stolen anything, all he's done is shown how weak the defences are of these major companies. Thats if he has done anything at all.


BTW - Has anyone noticed how much slower the internet has become since this scandal happened?

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I do not know why prison is always linked with anal sex .

Simple matter of supply and demand. You may have failed to notice that prisons are gender segregated institutions.


Still does not mean that going to prison means you will have that type of sex. The most important points are worth discussing.

The folk I have met who have been to prison did not experience it at all, nor propositioned.


Too much TeeVee me thinks has influenced that comment.


Prison will not rehabilitate in the short term. There are many evaluations and applications to be made, the uncertainty of being on remand to either freedom or a sentence.


Someone mentioned waterboarding, here is a controlled example,



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