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Alternate lifestyles in Shetland

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I am trying to stick within the website terms so please bear with me.


Myself and my partner are a Dom/Sub couple, who enjoy the "alternative lifestyle" of BDSM.


We know it cannot be discussed here but this post is mainly to let those interested, even if just curious, that a few like minded people from Shetland can be found on the website http://www.fetlife.com


Just search for Shetland. Look forward to meeting a few more likeminded people. It is completely anonymous so why not say hi.

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Best to keep it in the closet also, the native Shetlander IMO is not the kind of person who warms easily to alternative lifestyles. Even if they themselves like to have their bottoms warmed occassionaly. :lol:

Island mentality & all that. Hope you meet some like - minded souls out there. There was this one....nah I best not go into it ! :wink:

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^ :lol: well that's given me a laugh ! Having spent a fair bit of time in Fetlar I think that it's fair to say what they do with their time is their own business ! After-all once you've seen the red-necked whatdyamacallit & visited the interpretive centre there's not a lot else to do.

No offence to any Fetlartairians...if that's what you call them ? :)

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