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Jack Mcconnell

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People are critisising him for not supporting England in this years World Cup, but I think that this is ridicilous. The man has a right to support which ever team he wants.




He would make a lot more people happy if he would choose not to support England in their immigration tactics!!!!!!!!!

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To be fair, he's never said he is actively not supporting England.


All he's said is he's going to support the teams that have Scottish-based players in it. Problem is the English media have taken this as being anti-English. What he should've said was he'd be supporting the teams that play good football... which would obviously imply NOT England :P

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I am no England supporter and I hope that they get put out as soon as possible so that we can all be promptly put our of our misery (due mainly to the media hype and not the actual football team as such)


Nevertheless, for Jack McConnell to publicly come out and say that he wouldn't be supporting England is downright silly and showed political naivety because:


a) there are far more important thing as First Minister that he should be talking about and

B) it is pandering to Scottish Nationalism.


People should be free to think what they want and JM should respect that by keeping his mouth shut on the issue.


What would have been wrong with Jack McConnell simply saying the following:


"I wish our neighbours England all the best in the forthcoming World Cup, and I hope on behalf of the Scotland that it is a successful World Cup"


But, the man has basically just put up a rod for his own back.

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