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shopping for 11 year old boys clothes


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i have been shopping for boys clothes as school is looming again, every year i have struggled in town to get jeans and jumpers that actually fit on the legs waist and arms as he is long legged and skinny, 2 years ago i came across the garret wow, we had a shopping trip that day we hit it at the right time and got everything for half price, so religiously we go there every year and we are never ever disappointed.


Today i heard that last weekend they were thinking to give up the boys clothes section, but have decided to give it one more chance thank god as there is absolutely no where in town that cater for boys age 7 to 14.


their sale starts on friday and there is a fantastic choice of boys fashionable clothes there all gonna be marked down to half price, so go on folks go grab yourself a bargain i got all my boys clothes for £67 instead of £135


Mr and Mrs Arthur keep up the good service for wir boys :D

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They will end up closing down because they are not supported enough through the whole of the year other than during SALE periods.


They are probably selling of last seasons stock which means they will be cutting their margin, therefore making less profit.


JR White's has served Shetland well over quite a number of decades selling a wide range of men/boys clothing at REASONABLE prices. The problem now like quite a number of the local shops still left is the ease of shopping online and large supermarkets.


It's a sad fact that yet another local shop will more than likely be closing down in the very near future so use them or lose them. :wink:



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