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Solar Power


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If your power demand is low, there is a possibility you could benefit quite allot.




I am not so sure if there would be much benefit for the average householder from a solar system installed in Shetland, other than you might get a slight reduction on your bill. I expect a wind turbine, even a very small one, would produce a better return on investment.


I have 3kW worth of solar panals on my roof and I can only just produce more than I use in Brisbane Australia. My power demand is very low, on average 6kWh per day at the moment, but it will likely increase in the summer when we have to turn the air conditioning on. My solar output will likely decrease in the summer too, because we will have more cloud cover, so I expect to be buying from the power company then. I also have a solar hot water system which provides all our hot water so that is a great help at reducing the electrical load. My 3kW system needs 13 panels each of which is about 1 meter by 1.5 meters, so you need a fairly large roof to fit on a much bigger system. If anybody has a solar system in Shetland I would be interested to hear how it performs.

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There are more schemes coming onto the market similar to the E-on one.

If you are going to get it all installed free and just make from the electricity produced then there will be a saving, always. We do get a grant from the GOV if panels are fitted for electricity if we have them fitted ourselves.

My only worry is the way the GOV are continually looking at spending less, they are already looking at removing some of the funding.

In a town, wind turbines can be a problem. I am sure there are other methods that could be built into a design of a house that can capture wind energy as well.

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These people currently in Shetland doing surveys. http://www.solarpowerscotland.co.uk/

Anyone had dealings with them and what did you think ?


my dad had a survey and hes getting 17 panels fitted to his house within the next six weeks, the guy that done the survey was friendly enough and answered all questions, dads house just about perfect as the pitch of the roof is ideal (30 degrees) and it faces almost due south

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what happens if the roof needs repairing. i can't see a roof not needing work for 25 years. are they sure that the pannels will cope with the strong winds. I am just thinking if the wind started to lift them would it take the roof with it.


if it free and saves you money go for it. but a 15-18 year pay back would be to long.

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