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leylandii conifers

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I planted one about 12 years ago in the shelter of our dyke. It peeped up above the dyke one winter and very quickly changed it's mind and ducked back down. It's fat and bushy now, but never tried growing up the way again.

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I took one home to my parents years ago (20 +). They have a very sheltered garden. It's had to be trimmed to let them see out of the sitting room window which is on the first floor. I think the main factor in it reaching such a height was shelter.

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I guess this story would not have too great an interest. To pursue a claim, the claimant has to hand over a bond to cover the Councils cost.


The problem I have seen, and have heard it talked about of work is the roots. As these trees are the fastest growing of their type and can reach 25 meters in sheltered areas, their roots can cause treemendous damage. Even in small trees, they can still damage walkways, cause walls to crack, damage drains, cables, water pipes and gas pipes.


Extreme caution must be taken when planting these trees, excellent as they are in doing the job of acting as a screen, the rule of thumb is what you see up top cam be mirrored underground. Mind sometimes less or more.

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Guest posiedon

I planted 50 (10'') leylandii around 7 years ago, they are only sheltered from the North and are very healthy.


They are at the height I want them now (6') and it's a lot of work keeping them at that height, in hindsight; I wish I'd planted something else :oops:

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