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Dalex Systems Installations


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We have qualified for a new heating system for our house through the Scottish Government's Energy Saving Trust. We had Dalex Systems along our house today sizing up the job. I am a bit worried about the standard of work because of some of the things he was saying today. Has anyone had any experience of this company?

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Never heard of them, but on principle I would never consider allowing any kind of work to be done on anything of mine by an outfit sent in by the Government or any other organisation. The potential negatives just aren't worth it IMHO.


I have nothing against the Government being able to send in one of "their" people to do work, if that is what the grant recipient wants. But I fail to see why provision cannot also be made where the client can organise a firm of their choice instead. The system for doing so is already in place in some Government Departments who administer grants, you simply get two or three estimates for the proposed work, the Dept. approves which one they're willing to pay the eligible grant on, you get your people to do the work, the Dept sends an inspector when its complete and you claim the grant, its approved any you or your contractor is sent the grant cheque. Simples.


I'm not saying all firms sent in by the Government to do work are cowboys, far from it, but its a repeatedly proven fact that from time to time cowboys do manage to worm their way in, and typically will manage to scam through a number of jobs before they're sussed. I'd much rather do without whatever the Govt are paying for, or pay for it myself, than risk the hassle and possibly greater expense of putting back together the mess left by one of the cowboys that wheedle their way on to Govt. "Approved Contractor" lists.


You hire the guy, you have all the leverage and hold all the aces....let in somebody you have no control over, and the only say and leverage you have is to pleeps at politicians and civil servants, while it all goes to hell in a handbag. No thank you.

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