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Matt Cardle


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I really hope that was a typing error and was meant to say went off at 10.30! £20 per ticket for an Act that hasn't had a top 10 album and only 1 top 10 single for 45 minutes is really disappointing, especially when the bairns are really excited for it! I'm sure this is not true and it will be an excellent night.

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£20 per ticket for ... for 45 minutes is really disappointing,

The shortest gig I ever attended was Portishead's first tour. They played for 35 minutes and no encores. It was quite a good 35 mins, but nevertheless we were highly gobsmacked.

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Would totally agree with last post - Matt was brilliant but only 45 mins!! Those of us that bought tickets online paid £22.50 for them which was even more of a rip-off I would say. Was also a bit miffed at getting my bottles of water taken off me leaving me no alternative but to pay over-inflated prices at the Clickimin for a drink.

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I agree that Matt was brilliant for the limited time he was on stage. Did feel a bit cheated at paying quite so much but then you have to pay to get big acts to come up here. What really annoyed me was getting our sealed bottles of water taken off us by security. The reasons given ranged from - it might have alcohol in it and also this is the result of terrorist activity!!! If in doubt about the contents of a bottle could they not have used a alcohol testing stick? So ended up paying double for a bottle of water at the bar. Security were also over the top outside the back door to Clickimin where some young lasses were waiting patiently for a glimpse of Matt. Come on guys - this is Shetland not the middle of Glasgow. Get your perseived threat levels adjusted!

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I agree that Matt did leave us wanting more (a testiment to how good he is), but it certainly beats the price of travelling to the mainland plus accomodation to hear another 40 minutes or so of songs. He was fantastic and I really hope he has a great career as that boy has talent! BTW I have posted a few (very amateur) videos on Youtube if anyone's interested. Just type in Matt Cardle Shetland.

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Fair enough its cheap compared to mainland prices but it is Clickimin we're talking about - not exactly the SECC??!!!


The price of putting on gigs is probably about the same for SECC and Clickimin and you can get 15,000+ in SECC and 1200 in Clickimin.


The thing is though, the 15,000 in SECC will happily pay £32+ for a ticket and the crowd at the Clickimin start complaining at anything over a tenner.


When you do a gig in Shetland these are the extra costs over doing a gig on the mainland


Flights (ball park £300 each) so add £3000

Accommodation (normally 2 nights) so add £2000

PA (has to be shipped from south and you have it for about 4 nights and you need to pay for crew to come with it and their accommodation) let your imagination run wild on the price for that one....

Then you have to feed everybody.... (10 x £30 per day) £600

And drive them everywhere (3 days hire of mini bus)

I could go on and on...


When you do a gig south.....


phone up, book venue.....

band turns up 3 hours before gig in a bus..

PA etc already built in to venue...

Gig finishes....the band get back on bus and go....


I'm oversimplifying a bit....but... you get the idea.

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He was absolutely fantastic, it was a good night entertainment, worth the money because what else would we be doing on a Saturday night, especially with the kids that were there?. It finished at a sensible time for bairns to go home and others to go on enjoying the night in town. We were lucky enough to get seats for the wee ones and they enjoyed every minute of it, the use of games kept them occupied till Matt came on.


Although it was expensive for the length of show, it did state in the media when promoting it that he was up to promote his new album. My guess his album will too only run for 45 mins. As an independant artist now he won't be allowed to use the "x factor" to promote himself nor legally be allowed to cover other artists songs like he did on the x factor (without some legal consent like lady gaga paparazzi) and will need to use his own material. It is good he's managed to have 45 mins in 6 months or so (since finishing the live tour). I must admit I was disappointed he was only on for 45 mins untill the brain kicked it ..... it wasn't an xfactor winner concert, but a Matt Cardle independant artist promoting his album gig.


For those going tonight, if you want seating, make sure you are in the queue by 6.00, take some sort of games for the wee ones as it is a long wait, pray it doesnt rain. Last night the doors opened around 6.45. Some tickets have 6.30 on their tickets, others have 7.00 on theirs. Drinks are confiscated at the doors even if it is in an unopened tin (my bairns tins of juice). It only cost £6 for 4 tins of coke and 2 bottles of water. Enjoy

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Thought it was a great night out even if he didn't play that long. Don't really understand the whinging about the price - the costs involved in bringing these acts here must be really high. And after all, what can you get for 20 quid nowadays - couple of rounds of drink in the pub, or a takeaway, or 36 toilet rolls.....

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It only cost £6 for 4 tins of coke and 2 bottles of water. Enjoy


Thanks for a more educated view on the price of drinks! :wink:


When I heard last night that Matt Cardle played for 45mins I had a smirk to myself and thought 'Shetlink will be interesting tommorrow morning'. Some of you haven't surprised me!


A bottle of water costs around a £1 in the shops now, maybe more, the price of a tin of coke is around £0.85 so people can hardly accuse Clickimin of 'ripping' them off!! :roll:


What do people genuinely expect when you go to these events?


How much would it cost you to go to Aberdeeen to watch Matt Cardle?


£22.50 - Thats a bloody steal.


STOP complaining and show the people who put this together a bit more respect or you'll find that these guyz just say 'F**k it' and don't bother anymore, then where will we be? I'll tell you, logging on to Shetlink and complaining that there's nothing to do in Shetland, nothing for the kids, no concerts to go to, no darts to go to.


Marvin has given you great reasons why you should probably be paying MORE for your tickets so give these people a break.


Davie Gardener, Marvin Smith, Robert Geddes, Gideon Ward and others have brought some fantastic music and sport acts to Shetland in the last few years and good on them.


I'm sure the people complaining on here are in the minority, everyone I spoke to last night really enjoyed and would like to go again tonight.


The security guyz? Thats maybe a different story and I've seen the same as what some of the posters here today have seen so my comments above are not related to this issue.


Anyway thats my moan about the moaners! :wink:

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