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£20 is not a rip off, if you had been going south to a concert you would be paying more for a ticket plus travel fare! Hope we get more people like him up doing concerts.


While Matt Cardle isn't to my taste, at the same time, having a known artist up here is a good thing. Yes, 45 minutes isn't a lot, but as said before:


(a) He is a relatively new artist with less than a year's career under his belt. If he were to continue as he is now, and come up in a couple of years' time with a larger repertoire, he'd play longer. If it had been a bigger name artist who'd been on the go for years that only played 45 minutes, then you'd have grounds to complain.


(B) £20 might seem like a lot, but if you'd gone to see a similar gig on the mainland you would have had to fork out far more for flights / boat / bus / train and accommodation, and if indeed you were disappointed by the gig it would have felt like a much bigger waste.


And I back the earlier point about getting the Foos up, I'd gladly fork out for that :D

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Thanks to you all and glad that clearly by far the bigger % seem more than happy with both the length o set and the ticket price.


I'm absolutely certain he will be back when (inevitably I suspect) he will be an even bigger name than he is noo. I have a feeling he will be that kind of bloke - and the band already want to come back that's for sure. They were ALL really nice guys - as were his management and crew.


So thanks again to all who made it a great weekend for everyone and yes rest assured I sincerely hope there will be more to come.

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Great reply Davie and thankfully no detractors tonight. It infuriates me that you probably feel you have to come on here to explain your every action, thats not how it should be!


Roll on Lady Gaga! :wink:


No worries on this. I'm happy to be open and accountable and perhaps make issues such as costs etc a bit clearer to everyone, who after all spend their / your money, buy the tickets and actually help make the gigs happen in the first instance - and hopefully more in the future.


You guys are our customers - we're similar to a shop owner I suppose - so I'm happy to account for why you have to pay what you do for what you buy, and also help explain why some things that we'd all like to happen (such as a meet and greet session with the musicians) SOMETIMES can't happen for fairly good reasons.


Thanks to you all for the support and hugely appreciate the kind wirds I can assure you.


More music - and hopefully comedy - to follow I hope. Cheers again

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I've been asked a lot what Matt C did while in Shetland - apart from rehearse, sound-check and do the gigs of course.....


Sat night we went to the Great Wall for a terrific meal and drinks after the show. It was generally still open to the public so some lucky folk got the chance to meet the man / band there and then everyone simply went home. Too much great food was consumed to carry on drinking if truth be told. Cheers to Alan and Natalie and all their brilliant staff for their wonderful hospitality.


Let's be honest folks the Lounge after the shows was never really a realistic option under the circumstances - it would simply have been too mad for all concerned!!!


Not that he didn't want to meet people I can assure you - far from it in fact - but it should be realised that to his record company, management etc he's also potentially a multi million pound 'commodity' as well as a really nice human being, so they gotta look after him and 'protect' him in that respect too I'm afraid, while also of course respecting the fans who put him and them there in the first instance.


Sunday morning we had a great boat trip round Lerwick Harbour with the wonderful Geordie Mainland of Shetland Sea Charters (this trip is highly recommend) where we caught mackerel off the Bressay light and fed seals at Shetland Catch (one of which he's trained to come onboard the boat looking for fish. Amazing!!!)


Sunday night after the gig we were all in the bar of the Queens Hotel which was.........wait for it...........OPEN TO THE PUBLIC TILL 11PM!!!


Presumably it was too obvious a place for those who were hunting for him to consider looking :-)


However a few more lucky folk who did come in got to meet Matt and the band there, where they got autographs and photos before the doors closed to the public as usual at 11.


Monday's hangover(s) was brutal at times, but everyone had a great time winding down in there.


On Monday, before he left for Inverness, we had another brilliant meal, this time in the Scalloway Hotel (cheers Caroline and Peter) - where one or two more folk managed to get autographs and photos before we headed for Sumburgh.


Contrary to some public opinion Matt did indeed sign LOTS of autographs and pose for photos with folk and fans while up here - even though there was no official signing and photo session after the concerts - perhaps for obvious reasons!! I've no idea how we would have managed and controlled this to be honest.


However, he / they turned down virtually no-one who they met informally and who asked for autographs or photos (as many Facebook pages and profiles can now testify to) He was a real gent in every respect like that.


Sure his management were relatively tight on such things up here, but in all fairness they kinda have to be like that wherever he goes. As I say it's their job to protect THEIR artist while also giving his fans a bit of leeway and access into the bargain - granted most of it unofficial, informal and even opportunistic on this occasion.


So there we go. Had you been in the Great Wall on Saturday or the Queens on Sunday or the Scalloway Hotel on Monday that was where he was at. Plus he did a fair bit of walking around Lerwick into the bargain and quite a few folk met him that way too.


So thanks once again to all those hundreds of folk who bought tickets and came to the concerts - especially the really young folk who created such a great atmosphere for us all weekend.


Well done again Shetland!!!!

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