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Here in this One world birth video is Ceilily Begley a midwife herself from Ireland and also an expert in the 3rd stage of delivery.Discusses delayed cord clamping ,and some diasadvantages in receving the 3rd stage injection in this short clip ,there are also many other sites for research including major medical refernces inc Cochrane - what is considered the gold standard for research amongst the medical profession arond the world.



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For people wishing for further infomation ,research ,options/choice and dicussions,AIMS ,ASSOCIATION IMPROVEMENTS IN MATERNITY CARE produce a quaterly publication spearheading,change and development in the maternity services this is a sorce of information and support for parents and workersin maternity care ;back isses are available on a varierty of topics inclding miscarriage,labor pain,anatenatal testing,caesarean safety and the normal birthing process which costs £3.


Journals and books available include Am I Allowed,your rights and options through preganacy and birth.


Birth after a c-section info regarding choices,sggestions on VBAC and where to find support,inc real experiences of women.


Birthing Atomony: Women's experiences of Planning a Home Birth.

This book bring some balance to difficult aragments abot homebirth by focussingon womens views and their experiences of planning them.Invalublefor expectant mothersand professionals alike.


Birthing your baby:The second stage.


Birthing Yor Placenta,evidenced based guide fully updated (2011) to birthing your placenta.


Breech birth - what are my options? One of the most experienced midwives in breech birth offers advice,and information for women deciding upon their options.


The fathers homebirth handbook.A fanatsic source of evidence -based information,risks and responsibilities and challenges of a homebirth.It gives many reasurring stories from other fathers.Amust for fathers to be or birth partners.


Home Birth - A practical guide (4th edition) Fully revised updated edition.It

is relevant to everyone who is pregnant even if they are not planning a homebirth.


Induction : Do I Really Need It. In depth look into options for women whose babies are overdue,as well as those who may or may not have gestational diabetes,or whose waters have broken but have not gone into labour.


Making A Complaint Abot Maternity Care .For anyone thinking abot making a complaint abot their maternity care this guide gives informationabout the proceedures,pitfalls and the reglations.


Whats Right For Me? Making the right choiceof maternity care.


There sis also booklet on your birth rights - a practical guideto womens rights,and choices in pregnancy and childbirth.


These pblications are all available via AIMS at a very small cost their are other booklets that I have not inclded in the list above .

You do not need to be member of AIMS in order to have these publications.

However you may like to become an AIMS member see Aims website and keep p to date with the current issues.

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Just to remind anyone thinking of a homebirth ,its is more than possible to hire or buy home birth pool very easily and cheaply with little fuss and mess, they are very practical, very safe and easy to use and very comfortable (see previous link on page 1).

Please do not allow anyone to put you off homebirthing with or without use of a pool at home without reading all the facts and your options preferably taking further advice about homebirthing from various links provided or speaking to someone who has experienced or done it before to help point you in right direction for further info if something you may like to consider .There are some very common tatics employed to try and put mothers off homebirthing see again AIMS website ,staffing issues, holidays ,too many births already occuring for that period of time. These are some excuses employed to try persuade people to come into hospital. These issues are not the mother's problem and can easily be overcome ,the authorities have have 7 months put things place and to sort out any staffing issues and even if you decide at very short notice you want a homebirth and feel its right for you after making an informed careful decision, REMEBER ITS YOUR CHOICE and its must be made an available option under the Scottish Government's own guidelines should a mother decide to choose to homebirth she should feel supported in her decision to do so, and not placed under any bullying ,scaremongering or pressure not to choose this option. Its also a common tatic of some hospitals/Trusts to say they are very pro homebirth or do support homebirths and even to say agree and then later in pregnancy when you are feel at your most vulnerable to say they no longer can support a homebirth option and you must come into hopsital.

Just remeber if this is something you have seriously thought about researched it well using the some links available here YOU DO NOT NEED ANYONE'S PERMISSION TO HOMEBIRTH WITH MIDWIVES IN ATTENDANCE you do not need your midwife, Consultant or Trust's agreement or permission

its always your decision ,they may not provide a homebirth service ,but they must provide a midwife when you call in labour and far better a planned homebirth with plenty of notice.

Again it not to persuade anyone to homebirth that must always remain a mothers informed choice should she choose to do so after carefully researching all her options ,but it should always remain a choice/option without pressure /bullying scaring tatics.


Hopefully a homebirth support group will be able to provide some support information and experience of homebirthing providing mothers with information via books and other literature, videos ,support and talk to other mothers who have experienced homebirthing and various discussions of topics ,their experiences and see if something they like like to consider as an option .

I'm also interested in setting up a regular coffee morning for breastf eeding mothers to come together although this will be based in South Mainland it will be open for all bf mothers ,new and experienced mums more of a social gathering for mums meet with their babies.



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For anyone interested in Strep B,there is some really good information on the homebirth reference site about Group B Strep.It's not only relevant to women planning homebirths - some people might find useful to read.


There is also more information on RCOG site.





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Please feel free to continue to add any relevant links, so mothers can be kept updated and make proper informed choices for themselves. This will make it easier for parents to be able to find evidenced based research/info that is sometimes not always available from their healthcare providers for variety reasons and able to find links quickly in their own time,so any links that you found helpful,well researched could be added.

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Here is an excellent to link taking out some of those myths abouth birthing big babies and feed them.Whiles some big babies *may cause issue with birthing* its importnat to get over to mothers that vast majority do not.Once again there are so many scare stories,myths etc surround the big baby issue .

If you have been told your expecting a big baby firstly DO NOT PANIC,LISTEN TO ALL SACARE MONGERING .Do your research its perfectly possible to birth a big baby and breastfeed in majority of cases.Its more about how the whole process is managed.


Here is a site that helps parents to understand how birthing and feeding larger babies need not always represent as being a problem for many.Also birthing bigger babies is more than possible for those that would still like a homebirth it need not necessaily present itself as additional risk factor that many mothers are led to believe.



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Here is another site for those parents who do not feel supported here (Shetland) in their childbirth choices or may what to discuss their options with another group to gain further advice,option information etc .They are a support group based in Grampian .This group although regularly meet up in Aberedeen may well be able to help some parents here too they have contact numbers.



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