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Whit'na boat wis yun...?


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More on The Polar Pioneer in The West Voe of Sumburgh, sorry to drag it out but a lot of horizon straightening !

A different day on the west side of Shetland, seas breaking on the Loder :-


Polar Pioneer IMG_5042 by Ronnierob, on Flickr

Someen said dey wir Russian 8) :-


Polar Pioneer IMG_5052 by Ronnierob, on Flickr

Time to board :-


Polar Pioneer IMG_5075 by Ronnierob, on Flickr

When sho's gone, sho's gone :-


Polar Pioneer IMG_5105 by Ronnierob, on Flickr

Thank you for calling..... :) :)

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Lots of boats around Lerwick today. At the Shetland Catch pier the OW Atlantic and the Sanco Sky




UP Jasper, Brage Trader and Olympic Challenger taking advantage of the big cranes at what I still call Norscot (the SBS base)




And the Thialf and the President Hubert lying off Gulberwick



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^ Yep, loads of boat traffic just now. Rounding Sumburgh Head yesterday was the Normand Installer :-


Normand Installer IMG_5136 by Ronnierob, on Flickr

and awlays plenty yachts, three lying in Grutness yesterday, one on the right is the Mari Magi, anyone know the one on the left ? :-


yachts grutness IMG_5145 by Ronnierob, on Flickr

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Ships Passing Sumburgh Head today, aye good to see the Elsi Arrub in action, disappeared away down to the south-east :-


Elsi Arrub IMG_5215 by Ronnierob, on Flickr


Elsi Arrub IMG_5225 by Ronnierob, on Flickr

Another local boat always making good speed, The Havgull ( doot trottles stuck full open ! ) :-


Havgull IMG_5311 by Ronnierob, on Flickr

Peerie bit aff topic but canna resist it, on da banks broo when lookin fur da Havgull !


Faermie's ewe IMG_5301 by Ronnierob, on Flickr :D

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Last night off Fethaland, the drilling rig West Phoenix along with the Havila Aurora and Vos Valiant :-


Western Phoenix, Havila Aurora & Vos Valiant IMG_5388 by Ronnierob, on Flickr

and today again off Fethaland The West Phoenix and Havila Aurora :-


Western Phoenix & Havila Aurora IMG_5394 by Ronnierob, on Flickr

also today a yacht passing the Ramna Stacks :-


Ramna Stacks & yacht IMG_5407 by Ronnierob, on Flickr

also today some " controversial " tugs at Sellaness :-


Tugs Sellaness IMG_5423 by Ronnierob, on Flickr

and finally today The Thailf lying off Brindister :-


Thialf IMG_5431 by Ronnierob, on Flickr

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Another beauty passing Sumburgh Head today was the Bristol Pilot Cutter Annabel J heading south :-


Annabel J IMG_5610 by Ronnierob, on Flickr

and passing through the Fair Isle heading for Oslo was the Frakt Fjord :-


Frakt Fjord IMG_5603 by Ronnierob, on Flickr

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A few more from yesterday :-

At Grutness, a Swedish yacht and on her regular run The Good Shepherd :-


Yacht Nudger and Swedish Magda yacht at Grutness :-


Swan off Sumburgh Head :-


The Gerda Saele meeting the Swan off Sumburgh Head :-


Gerda Saele & Swan IMG_5829 by Ronnierob, on Flickr

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