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Whit'na boat wis yun...?


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More big shipping passing Sumburgh this week heading for the Clair Ridge. The Might Servant 3 which sank in Luanda Dec 2006 :-

18747571309_69948edfc2_c.jpgMighty Servant 3 IMG_0297 by Ronnie Robertson, on Flickr


and the Floatel Victory also off Grutness :-

18953363376_af834ba491_c.jpgFloatel Victory IMG_0337 by Ronnie Robertson, on Flickr

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I should maybe explain a bit better ...  just after 10 pm last night on the boat southbound in really thick fog it suddenly lurched to the port side crashing all the glasses off the tables in the bar and going so far over it caused alarm to the passengers and crew even though the sea was flat calm!!  half an hour later when the boat docked in Orkney (2230) it was explained to us that the boat had to take evasive action to avoid a ship that was anchored ??

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I was on the boat too, I had fallen asleep in the reclining seats in the for'd bar, and woke to the increasing sound of crashing glass as every bottle and glass that could move did move and smashed. I looked out the window and realised the water was very very close to the "gunnel" (these modern boats don't have gunnels I know..)


my partner actually thought the doors had opened and the water was gushing into the hold....


it was very foggy but where was the radar and lookout or autopilot controls?

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The Semi-submersible heavy lifting ship moored off cunningsburgh, Talisman - does anybody ken where she's headed,

or what she's going to be lifting?

I saw elsewhere it is headed for the Clair field. It left South Korea some weeks ago with was said to be the last of the topside parts, the undersea legs were installed back in 2013.

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Thanks for that - I gooogled Clair and found this




"The Drilling Platform (DP) drilling modules, transported on the Dockwise Mighty Servant 1, will travel to the North Sea via Singapore and the Cape of Good Hope. They follow the departure of the initial DP modules on three other Dockwise vessels which began to depart from South Korea on 14th March."


The Mighty Servant is off the coast of Durban heading to Lerwick, doing 8knots.

She was here last year with modules.

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