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Whit'na boat wis yun...?


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I see the Statsraad Lehmkuhl is back in Lerwick today for a visit, she seemed to be having a bit of fun south by the Bard, hey mogling, maybe she was trying her sails ! :wink:



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^ Doot I'm maybe seen da best o my days in da Roost, yun wida been fae a draw aff up near Da Head. :) Sho's called the RENA DESCARTES, I hear sho's wirkin on dat fibre laekely splicing in some mair pairs tae boost wir broadband ! :wink:


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^ and ^^ cheers for that, you have recharged my interest :)

Of interest today was the CSL THAMES on passage from Roervik in Norway to the Glensanda Super Quarry on the West Coast for a cargo of rocks.


Widna mind seeing her fully load on a coorse day !


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Wir Norrona taking a close look at Burgi and the Horse Holm this evening, seemed to be quite a few passengers out on deck taking in the view of God's own country !



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