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Local Bands - recommendations


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I hate to be the one to come out with the "it depends what you want" reply, but it really does.


And thats not a negative, as the great thing about Shetlands music scene is that, for such a relatively small place, the diversity of high quality bands is second to none.


From the bands mentioned above you can go to more classic rock with the likes of No Sweat, the more energetic Scaldin Bragg, a collection of scottish dance bands with exceptional pedigrees, old fashioned country from Big Robbie & Co, and of course the more traditional shetland sounds of the likes of Hom Bru (and of course

;) ), the list could go on for ages.


Indeed there was a thread with "live" gigging bands at one time, maybe an update would be good as I know there are many, many more not yet mentioned and as I say I am confident everything from death metal to swing jazz and classical is out there..

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^if I mind right, at that time they were Ultima Thule, and they changed their name to Northern Rage :?


...Ultima Thule were a band of a conflicting genre.


Figure I might as well clear this one up. We decided to change the name of the band from Ultima Thule as we discovered there was a Neo-Nazi band in Sweden with the same name and we didn't want to get confused with them, even by accident.


We did go away as Northern Rage in an effort to hit the big time, and came close. We had airplay on Radio 1, write-ups in Kerrang magazine, supported some bigger-name bands, played some famous venues, etc. We signed a record deal with Bleeding Hearts records in Newcastle, but just after recording, our drummer at the time (Michael Dean) went off to play drums for New Model Army (which he still does). As a result, we had no touring band to promote the album and they dropped us like a hot rock.


We still play some of the old Northern Rage tunes in the Ten Tonne Dozer set - when we can get a slot big enough to fit them in! We have somewhere in the region of 2 1/2 hours of our own material to choose from and we always like to play the newer stuff when we can.

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