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^LOL @ EM's story.


On a related note, I remember being told that some wreckage from an explosion smashed through the glass sunroof in the roof of the Central School - but I remember it as the explosion from the MTB's that caught fire and exploded at Hay's dock. Always thought it was an impressive distance - maybe it was from the mines at the Sletts - anyone confirm?


I remember finding lots of bullets when the dock was dredged in the early 70's. Also remember finding a dozen or so live 303 bullets in one of the war huts alongside the main road next to Sumburgh airport - last seen in a friends shed in Lerwick :shock:

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...exploded at Breiwick damaging windows and chimneys.

Sonny decided to use their neighbour's bog. Apparently there was a hard frost and the surface of the water in the neighbour's bogpan had frozen. When he pulled the flush, the water washed his crap out and left it beached on the floor :oops:


: .


A whole new meaning to -What did you do in the war daddy?

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Oops, put the time but not the date.


EMs story is great. I am back home now so will have to continue this here. It has helped with my project.

Any chance of a photo of your piece of mine.


During the end of the war celebrations, a spitfire crashed into the Knab, or there abouts after a collision. My uncle said the engine lay on the beach for many years.


Another place I am looking for is the location of the anchor point for the boom, somewhere behind the houses along Twageos Road. I was told by the same uncle there was a huge shackle there as well for years.


I will be able to put the story on the site I am working on/with of the first mine and the two ratings. I have not seen any Warden headstones that I remember, though I did read all the headstones at the Knab and photographed any that had a war ref. If I do have it, can I add your wee story EM, I will not put details as such. If anyone was to ask I can send them here for you.





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It has helped with my project.

It would be interesting to know what the project is.


During the end of the war celebrations, a spitfire crashed into the Knab, or there abouts after a collision. My uncle said the engine lay on the beach for many years.

There is a bit of confusion about this and I would be interested in finding out what the truth is. Midder's version of the story was quite similar to what you present, namely Spitfire and celebrations. When I looked into the matter the only record I could locate of a crash into the Knab was in 1941 and involved Blenheims. Appart from not being a Spitfire, this looked like it was the incident due to being described as taking place during a fly-past. Here is the Shetlopedia report:


Two Bristol Blenheims, T1946 and Z6339 of the 404 Squadron RCAF at Sumburgh, collided in the air while performing an airshow during the "War Weapon Week". T1946, piloted by P/O Ingells made an emergency landing on Bressay, while the crew of three of Z6339, F/S Robert Fredrick Leighton (Pilot), Thomas A. Gray and Thomas Clapperton, all died in a crash landing at the Knab. Pilot F/S R.F. Leighton is buried at Lerwick Cemetery, not far from where he was killed.


However, Pooks' WWII Crash Log has a different tale:


01/11/1941 On this Saturday afternoon, the two Blenheims – V-Vic (Z6339) and U-Uncle (T1946) – had been detailed to take part in a co-operation exercise with the Lerwick anti-aircraft defences. Instead on the usual navigator and wireless operator, both aircraft carried two non-aircrew passengers.


They flew north following the east coast of Mainland and into the Bressay Sound. The pilots view to the side in the Blenheim is just about non-existent and he would rely on help from the other crew members to keep a lookout. But with only passengers aboard this would not be forthcoming. The two Blenheims touched wing tips and went out of control. F/Sgt Leighton, in Z6339, was unable to regain control, and the Blenheim crashed on the Horse of the Knabb, killing all aboard. But P/O Inglis, in the other aircraft, was able to make a crash landing on Bressay, injuring the crew.


F/Sgt Leighton is buried at Lerwick – only yards from where he was killed. The two passengers are buried in Edinburgh.


The Shetland press states this accident happened on 31/10/41, during a mass fly-pass to mark the end of ‘War Weapons Week’. The incident was not reported at the time, and over the years it seems that peoples memories have become confused.


All very mysterious.


Whatever the date and aircraft type, a plane certainly did smash into the Knab. Uncle Sonny (yep same one) and Granduncle Jim were involved in the retrieval of body parts from below the banks. According to family history/mythology there was quite a surprise to this gruesome matter. They found an eyeball lodged in a rock crevice. However, the iris colour did not match what was missing (in terms of eyeballs). Apparently my Grannie had been doing laundry for one of the dead and he had on occasion been to their house. They had noted his eyes were different colours (Heterochromia iridum like Bowie has, and also myself slightly). Hence the eyeball roll call problem was solved.


... can I add your wee story EM, I will not put details as such. If anyone was to ask I can send them here for you.

Certainly. There is no need to hold back on details, everyone involved is dead now in any case.

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