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SFA Team Of The Year 2011


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Erik Peterson (CB)


Richard Arthur (CB)

Merv Jamieson (CB)

Andrew Flett (CB)


James Aitken (Left mid)

Jordan Webb (Centre mid)

Keith Peason (Centre mid)

Scott Bridges (Centre mid)

Leighton Flaws (Right mid)


Stuart Shearer (Striker)

Erik Thomson (Striker)



This would win, I should know.

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Well if its 'team of the year' I'm not sure how someone as far as I can remember didn't play too many competitive games for Whalsay this year. I may be wrong but I'm sure thats the case.


By the way just in case you think I'm having a go I think Pearson is midfield dynamite, the season before last I thought he was Whalsays stand out player and deserved his place in the Shetland squad!

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An unconventional 4-3-3


GK: Peterson (NU)


RB: Richard Arthur (Whal)

CB: Joel Bradley (Cel)

CB: Finn Watt (Cel)

LB: Piotr Drozdowski (Whitd)


RCM: Connor Regan (Cel)

CM: Karl Williamson (Whal)

LCM: Scott Bridges (Scy)


LF: James Aitken (Cel)

CF: Eric Thomson (Whal)

RF: James Johnston (Spu)




these choices are not making to strong attacking team, its a best defensing team

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