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Gaddafi Dead


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How was it murder he had a more than one gun he had the same chance as anyone else with a gun.

Good riddance! Just like old Sadam he is no loss

But they could have saved a lot of lives if they had dropped a few more tomahawks on his compound in the first place/ And killed the nuttier 9 months ago

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your sick. even if he was a monster he was a human being. when did you start enjoying snuff movies and male rape.


A human being? Really??? I have a different opinion to yours.......Deal with it!!


I don't really want to see him buggered with a metal pole(not my thing) but i'm definately interested in seeing the man responsible for murdering, torturing and sodomizing thousands of his fellow humans, including woman and children getting what he most certainly deserved, in my opinion.

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