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Gaddafi Dead


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"That is not at all true. Quite a number of people continue to believe strongly that capital punishment is never appropriate, however heinous a crime may be"


That's pretty much where I stand on the issue. Murder is wrong, so the state murdering someone cant be right in my book.

I ain't going to loose sleep over him being dead, and like someone kinda said before, we cant really impose our standards and morals on other countries without living through what they have to deal with day to day.

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man killed on film man sexually abused by mob. my descprition stands. you wanting to watch it for pleasure make it what i said.


A snuff film is a motion picture genre that depicts the actual death or murder of a person or people, without the aid of special effects, for the express purpose of distribution and entertainment or financial exploitation


Nooooo, I thought when you said snuff you meant this. No wonder I is confused:-




Blimey, I see what you mean now!!!!!! :wink:

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