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One of the things that was discussed in the SIC Communications Strategy was the councils use of it's own website. I think it was amended a bit at that time, but I still find it a difficult resource to wade through.


And no wonder perhaps.


I couldn't help but have a chuckle today, when reading the news story about the "Council Spending - Have YOUR say" consultation. The web page dedicated to this onerous and potentially volatile subject seems to have been categorised as "sport" in the councils website file hierarchy. Check it out.



From Here



...couldn't make it up..... :wink:

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It seems that SIC is not alone. Ours has the same sort of problems. As with our Council, they are trying to improve the site. It is still a bit of a nightmare.

The residents here too are being bombarded with consultation documents, Police, Fire and Area Committees as well as some cuts. The worry there is they will say it is the will of the people. VoxPops. Sadly, the same old faces that turn up at these meetings will be the ones to decide. Very few seem to be bothered. Even through the Councils Web Site!!!

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The SIC was conceived on 7 May 1974 when elections were held for the new authority and was born on 16 May 1975 when the ZCC and LTC were abolished.


When can we expect it to mature beyond its moody, rebellious, tantrum strewn adolescent stage?!? At 36 its getting a bit long in the tooth to still be wearing short trousers.


P.S. Was it an immaculate conception one wonders?!? :ponders: :wink:

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Despite the new SIC Communications Strategy being approved in July 2011 there does not seem to have been any functional or noticeable change in the overall management of communications - and the website is by far the most disfunctional part of the problem. I know it is best to ensure any overhaul covers all requirements and wiol take some time, but there are some basic interim measures that surely could be put in place to at least give people a better chance of being directed to what they sse/want. The search functions within the site are atrocious and just improving that would be a massive step change as a first priority.


Where do you suppose the youtube profile has come from? is it an 'official' SIC profile!?

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