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Is this a criminal offence or not?

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Surely being from Shetland should be recognised as a distinct natural people, they recognise the Shetland mouse as distinct and separate, plus our otters, they are only there after our kinsmen came to the isles. If "travelers" are protected and seen as a distict people, Shetlanders have a bigger claim as we have lived on an Island for milenium.

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"How have the anti-discrimination provisions been amended?

The original Race Relations Act 1976 made direct and indirect discrimination and victimisation unlawful in a range of areas, such as employment, housing, education and training, and the provision of goods, facilities and services. The 1976 Act has now been amended so that race discrimination is outlawed in all public functions.*


The new provisions came into effect on 2nd April 2001, and they mark a major step forward in the protection available to individuals - regardless of their race or colour - from race discrimination.


* There are a limited number of exceptions such as Parliament, judicial decisions, and the functions of the security services.


What can I do if I have been discriminated against?

If you think you have been discriminated against in an area where race discrimination has been outlawed, you can enforce your rights in Scotland in a Sheriff's Court.


Claims against the immigration authorities concerning a decision about entitlement to enter or remain in the UK will be heard by the Immigration Appellate Authorities.


Claims regarding public appointments will be heard in the High Court or Court of Session.


Employment and training cases continue to be heard by employment tribunals.


Where can I get help if I have been discriminated against?

The Equality and Human Rights Commission Scotland provides information and advice to people who think they have suffered racial discrimination or harassment. Phone 0845 604 5510 (Scotland)


You might also consider contacting your Trade Union or Citizens Advice Bureau."


In my experience, if the aggrieved feels that their perceived maltreatment or abuse results from racial or ethnic discrimination, this would likely qualify as a racially aggravated incident.


Given the constantly changing 'playing field', though, I would advise you to follow the advice provided in the foregoing information, and contact the telephone number provided for further guidance.


Your humble servant. :)

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