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Up-Helly-Aa ideas


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Hi all,


As the title suggests, I require some ideas/inspiration for some kind of act for UHA this year. Doesn't matter if it's a dance, magic act or some sort of skit.


Our squad has struggled the last couple of years to come up with something, it seems to get more difficult every year. Anyway, I thought the Shetlink community may be able to help. I've had a good look through the threads for local, topical ideas, some good stuff(especially the Burra Bears) but unfortunately most have been snapped up.


All ideas welcome and thank you in advance :wink:

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Off the top of my head, how about




We used to try to follow some rules;


Too local a story can be lost on many guests, or can be long forgotten about by the end of Jan - these work better in the country UHA's


Don't base the idea on just a good suit - it needs an act, music and it's easier to be funny when drunk rather than trying to be a polished dance troupe


Something visual, self explanatory and not too detailed, as hosts and guests trying to pay attention to a 'short play' at 04:00 is asking too much.


We were sometimes tempted to leave the decision till December or even January, as something local always crops up - Calamity might even add another chapter to his saga before then.


I always wanted to get a squad of 21, each with a shirt with one of the following large letters on it;




They'd stumble around for a few mins - then get in order to form some words - and I believe it was out before about 30+ yrs ago :lol:

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Whatever happened to squad meetings when members get together to have a catch up and gossip to come up with ideas?! That is meant to be a big part of the fun of Up Helly aa is it not? Then making/ ordering suits and props, practising the act - all in top secret!?


Bit of a shame to see this as a topic! :(

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Thanks for those who have posted ideas, keep them coming. Also, obviously the halls are mostly filled by women, if your a female Shetlinker, what do you look for in an act.


Acillat - As a squad we've had countless meetings since October till now, I think in total we have called in 6 ideas, all have been knocked back due to other squads getting in there first, or then doing something similar. I can assure you, I gave it some thought before posting on here, as you say it is a shame, but desperate times require desperate measures.


Anyway, I don't see anything negative about getting ideas from the general public, our squad always strive and put in maximum effort to do an act/dance that the hall goers appreciate, all to often you here people complaining about the poor acts etc, we don't want to be in that group, we want to be one of the 4 or 5 squads that are remembered for putting in a good performance.




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Off the top o my head ........


The ancient Shake and Vac advert, do some synchronized dancing with hoovers while dressed as woman folk.


Evolution of dance always goes down a treat in what ever form its done






Although we could possibly spice it up with Queen - I Want To Break Free. I would imagine that will have been out sometime down the line.


Thank you for posting :wink:

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The best act I had ever seen was back in about 1980 / 81

{Sure I posted here about it before... ?}


Plain looking vikings with large rectangular plain white shields, who formed into a group in the middle of the hall with their shields facing outward.

The fiddle-box carriers put off the hall lights and switched on Ultraviolet strip lights on either side, and the previously hidden designs painted on the shields suddenly became a galley which sailed through the waves to suitable music- very effective & memorable.


You could try doing something similar? Carry demonstrators placards that spell out something clever / political. Or when put together form a giant wind turbine?


I think EM already mentioned what kind of paint you use that only shows up under UV?


We did something along those lines at a Brownie concert with the girls doing a dance routine with stars painted on their T-shirts, white wristbands etc. that glowed under UV.


Good luck!

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Mogling, that sounds brally good. I think however there may be issues regarding health and safety when plunging halls into darkness, times have changed from the 80's :cry:


Maybe someone on here knows what the halls allow you to do as far as this is concerned though???????????

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