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island trade unions/30 November strike


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All over for the time-being then?

The only things missing were the blazing torches....

Brian Smith seems very happy on how it all went, but what will he feel like when the time comes for the inevitable redundancies...

A Buchan and team will have surely run financial models covering these types of scenarios, in their quest to bring order to the SIC Annual Budget and to retstrict indiscriminate and wasteful spending as in the past...


Peerie Calculation for anyone who is interested:

SIC Staff, numbers about 3200+

A 10% cut in staff will see 320 leave service.

At say a mean wage/salary of 24,000, that would equal 7,680,000 in savings per annum.

All the remaining employees will no doubt receive extra benefits that have probably already been negotiated by way of increased Pension, Salary etc...

The aforementioned savings of 7,680,000, divided by the remaining number of staff may be seen as follows...

i.e. staff numbers of 2,880 = 2,666 for each and every staff member on average per annum...

This then, is what the council would 'put-away' for future use and any further increases in the years to come....


The winners in all of this are the one's who will have jobs (yes, and at a higher rate) but paid for by the losers, who would now be Central Governments problem not the SIC's....


I feel that the strike today was a huge opportunity missed and should have been to safeguard all the jobs in the SIC, instead of supporting some Macro reasonings dreamed up by Union Bosses down south and followed by their acolytes here in Shetland....

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^^A rather "lefty" column, full of irrelevant information and envy-comments. Why should I care what Thomas Cook pays to its CE? If I had shares in the company then I might, but otherwise I don't see what it has to do with the public servants' pensions. If there is a strong argument in favour of these workers, why not stick to the relevant points, rather than shooting off in some other rant and distracting from the real issues?

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A few cash facts for you to digest...


In 2008/9 our GDP fell by 10%, now, £100bn tax loss due to unemployment, deficit prior to recession £38bn, after £145bn.


Projected 2010 tax take £620bn, it was £520bn.


The deficit can only be reduced by cuts we are told..


Growth oct 2009 to Mar 2010 was 1.5%

The forecast deficit in March 2010 was £167bn, it actually was £145bn


So, it was reduced by £22bn.


The deficit could be reduced by several years of very good growth however at the moment that just isn't going to happen. The deficit is somewhere around 8% this year if I remember right. Even though the UK's debt does look low by the historical standards you point out it's increasing at a ridiculous rate. If we can't grow our way out of it then we need to cut spending or raise taxes. Raising taxes too far has been shown to actually reduce tax intake while cutting spending reduced demand and hurts the GDP, where the best balance is who knows.


Something needs done and the government is getting to it. People will argue for years whether it was the right course of action no doubt. I'd rather see the reduction in spending now to keep Gilt yields low. Otherwise we might have to worry about larger cuts if we hadn't and Gilts yields increased significantly as is the case with Italy.


Public sector pensions are generally much more generous than priate sector pension. This makes them a target for cuts. Private sector wages only go up if the company can afford it or you've taken on more responsibility etc. Why should public sector wages increase every year regardless? Yes at the moment it's a real reduction in take home wages due to inflation but everybody has to deal with that unfortunately.

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