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The FairFuelUK Parliamentary debate took place on the afternoon of Tuesday 15th November. The event attracted massive media interest. Our spokesman Quentin Willson put our case on BBC Breakfast, Sky Sunrise and ITV Daybreak. That was just a start! The FairFuelUK team did over 50 regional radio interviews and TV interviews during the day and the issue was in every major newspaper. This level of media interest is vital if we are to be successful in putting pressure on the MPs and Ministers. Some of our supporters also ended up telling their particular stories on the media. Neither the debate nor the attendant vital media coverage could have been achieved without your support.


During the debate, MP after MP told the House of Commons about how their constituents were suffering. The Government was left in no doubt about the strength of feeling on this issue.


Rumours are swirling around Westminster that the Government is trying to find ways of scrapping the 3p per litre fuel duty rise planned for January – one of our key demands. We will not know if these rumours are true until the Chancellor of the Exchequer gives his Autumn Statement on the afternoon of 29th November. In the run up to that statement, we will be posting news on the www.fairfueluk.com website and the @FairFuelUK twitter account to include details of the FairFuelUK survey we have launched today. Here are details of how you can get involoved:


FAIRFUELUK SURVEY: How would you answer this question? If the Government were deciding between cutting the 50p tax rate that people on high earnings pay, or reducing fuel duty; which would you prefer? This is just 1 of the 8 questions in the FairFuelUK Survey. As part of our campaign pressure on the Government prior to the Autumn Statement, we wish to publish a summary report on what you think about the Government options on this issue. Please visit www.fairfueluk.com/survey.html and let us know what you feel by completing the FairFuelUK Survey. The results will be sent to the Treasury, MPs and the media next week.

Whatever happens in the Autumn Statement, FairFuelUK will keep campaigning for you. Even if the 3p fuel duty rise is scrapped, petrol and diesel will still be scandalously expensive. If its isn’t scrapped, we will increase the pressure even further.


As ever, the more people that sign up to www.fairfueluk.com, the louder and more effective our voice becomes. So please, pass on this message to family, friends and contacts urging them to sign up and to follow us on Twitter - @FairFuelUK


Thanks again for all your support in the fight for lower petrol and diesel prices


Very kind regards


on behalf of

The FairFuelUK Campaign team

Quentin Willson, Peter Carroll, Lynne Beaumont, Howard Cox

The RAC, FTA and RHA


Please complete the FairFuelUK Survey at www.fairfueluk.com/survey.html

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