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Central by-election

Staney Dale

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I know a few who have a knack of getting jobs done, quite badly.


If this was a job interview, how would it go? We are talking about a popularity contest, to become unpopular, as those who claim not to know how it works will probably the first to condemn or ridicule.


These candidates have a few weeks to get the message out to those that do not always know them.


The electorate must also become involved, instead of thinking their duty ends at the exit poll.

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As already proved in this part of the forum, folk who live in the town one of the candidates lives or is active has no idea who he is. So, in a way that could be a vote that has no real meaning, many folk are elected because of their name, a bit like a horse race.

The wards are very cruel in Shetland, there are many miles of road to travel.


Another thing that could go about the man about town, so to speak, is that the rest of the ward may not know too much of them. I am not saying this about a certain candidate but all, unless they have a wide remit with their activities.


My interest in all of this is the up keep of social care, without it there can be some problems that once set, can take a while to eradicate.

Even though I cannot vote, I have a great deal of interest in the outcome.

This will be the reason I will probably write to the candidates to remind them that folk have an interest in the candidates and what their thinking is, and what thoughts I may have in relation to my interests.

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As already proved in this part of the forum, folk who live in the town one of the candidates lives or is active has no idea who he is.

If you are referring to Para Handy's comment:

Don't know any of them either and I'm from Scalloway

I've no idea where Para Handy lives, but he only says he is from Scalloway. He could perhaps be living elsewhere nowadays, and consequently out of touch with the current village community. Davie is originally from Lerwick, but has undeniably been at the heart of Scalloway activities for ages.

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I've just had election communications from two of the candidates, Scotty Van Tol and Clive Richardson. Scotty Van Tol just seems to be thinking about Scalloway, forgetting the rest of the ward. Clive Richardson's one doesn't tell me what he thinks of the central ward. I guess I'll just have to go on what the others said in the paper.


The decision on the wind farm is out of the hands of the SIC now and the Charitable Trust may have changed their method of selecting trustees by the time the actual investment decision comes up so I don't see Viking being an issue.

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Even so, I don't think it would have hurt to ken where they stand on VE.


I heard Clive Richardson on the radio last night and it was frankly embarrassing. He seemed at times to be literally reading from a piece of paper.


And at the begininning he said that Scottish Conservative "central office" or something had suggested he stand, well something along those lines :roll: .

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Guest posiedon

as far as i am aware scotty is not a great fan.

Judging from the exchanges I've had with him via the Shetland Times, he probably thinks god will provide :)


By the way Paul, there is a key (above Ctrl) That you can use to capitalise the first letter of a sentence and also your i [i.]

Just saying.

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