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Central by-election

Staney Dale

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I've no idea where Para Handy lives, but he only says he is from Scalloway. He could perhaps be living elsewhere nowadays, and consequently out of touch with the current village community. Davie is originally from Lerwick, but has undeniably been at the heart of Scalloway activities for ages.


^^ Yep, doot Para is weel Nort... :roll:


I do live Scalloway although I sometimes visit My Sister’s for a few days as well

And I was a helper in the Scalloway Hall for over 25 years

So make of that what you will you two

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There are never enough gods when you need them.


Are you calling me a god shetlandpeat :shock:


Because :!: If I was and the human race was made in my Image :!:


Then God help us


:ponders: :idea:


I would not have put the starting handle of life next to the exhaust port just for starters.


Feel free to add to the new version.

On Second thoughts don’t :!:


You see what a committee did when they designed the giraffe.


As for Pola-ticks

I hate all.

Whether in the Town Hall or in any Parliament

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Getting back to the election I think I can safely say "may the best man win". Sadly I suspect most of the people I know who live in the Central ward will say that "it makes no difference who wins--they are all the same" or words to that effect. Yet they will probably moan next time the council does something the disagree with.


Living in another ward I will not be voting anyway but I think my wish is that no candidate gets a humiliatingly low number of votes.

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Funny how the majority opf the 'Shetlaink' comment on the Central Ward is from people who are not in it!

JustMe, are you really hearing that from the people you know in the ward? I've heard the opposite.

What sort of person is it that you think will not be 'like all the rest' and what's wrong with some of the candidates we have at the moment?

One thing makes them stand out - they are all much younger than the current crop of councillors and that indicates to me a potential longer term commitment perhaps.

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Yes, people I know in the ward will not be voting because "they are all the same and it makes no difference". Certainly I do not agree and were I to have a vote in the election I would have read what the candidates had to say, listened to them on BBC Radio Shetland and asked questions if any had come knocking on my door. But I live elsewhere so my chance comes next year. Spent years telling friends that they ought to vote and if they do not then I think they lose the right to complain about what the council does.

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