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If Scotland became independant, what would Shetland do?

kung foo panda

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Phone Norway/Denmark - We're coming back!!!


We would welcome you back to Norway with open arms, and i bet if shetland did become a part of norway agein you would see norwegian unemployment and norwegian wages and dailey flights to bergan and stavanger for those oil jobbs where they are crying out for more pepole, shetland pepole can get a jobb on the day making 45k gbp a year

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When Southern Ireland became independent of the UK the Irish Punt maintained parity with the UK Pound for many years. The Scottish pound could do the same.


...then they joined the Euro and the whole project went tits up and today there are as many young people leaving the Republic as there was during the fammine.... if Scotland had been independent and joined the Euro at the same time with Salmond following the Irish example then Scotland would have gone down the tubes as well....


No, I don't want to see Salmond's swastika (the saltire) flying over Lerwick town hall.

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Hi Lexander, could you give some more info about the benefits of life in Norway?.


As I understand it, the maximum working week is 40 hours for example.


Is there a minimum wage and can you tell me how much it is?.




The average wirking week is 37,5 hr anything over 40 is usaly 1,5 in pay.

There is no legal minimum wage, it all depends on what proffesion and what collective bargening agrement thath is in place.


Can mention thath mcdonalds in norway pays 139,60 kr a hr thath is about 15£

Of thath you pay about 33% - your deductebals like intresst payments to your houce travel expenses reelated to getting to work, kindergardens etc.


Most jobbs dont advertise the pay in the jobb adverts they are usaly negotibal.


Working life in norway is weary familly focusd both maternety and pathernety leave with pay.

Allot of jobbs are advertised on www.finn.no in norwegian but some of the jobs are in english. Big demand for pepole in construction, and engineers.

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I think a big mac is about 50 kr might be wrong long time since i bought one and a menue deal on most fast food places are about 80-90 kr.

For the same deal in the uk on minimum wage it have to be about 3,50£ if you think prosentadge of hourly wage. And thath does not include the extra pay you get for working after 18:00 and on the weekands

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It is also true that Norway has some of the highest taxes in the world. VAT. 25% on general goods, 14% on food stuff and 8% on services, travel and entertainment. Or there about.


The relatively high tax level is a result of the large Norwegian welfare state. Most of the tax revenue is spent on public services like health services, the operation of hospitals, education and transportation.


I guess if Norway were to take Shetland, there would be quite a bit of complaining on forums.

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I think there would be a lot more complaining if the SNP got its claws into Shetlands oil money.


Back to Norway, if you go self catering on holiday there, it is no more expensive than here.

Sure if you go to expensive restruants you will pay over the odds for beer, wine , food etc..

But the cost of traveling in Norway by train is a dam sight cheaper than here, and the trains are far superior and on time.


Salmond woud liken his dream of an independant Scotland to that of Norway, similar size population and all that, BUT just a few hundreds of Billions of pounds poorer :wink:

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