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If Scotland became independant, what would Shetland do?

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@ JohanofNess,


I feel that Shetland has a unique case though and I do doubt that it would set a precedent.


Infact, just a couple of years ago I heard a man from Peterhead say that we "just don't belong with Scotland" and should be allowed to go back to Norway.


A return to Norway would also save any problems relating to currency because we would just be integrated into the Norwegian Kroner.

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Er, why would Norway want Shetland, exactly.


Quite simply because I believe many Norwegians understand the historic connections and the fact that we are/were historically a part of their country.


I would also imagine that many Norwegians understand the mutual economic benefits that would be gained from Shetland returning to Norway. If only more Shetlanders would waken up and see what could be gained from it.


Alistair Carmichael has publicly said on Radio 2 that Norway is considerably better at looking after its peripheral areas than what Great Britain is.


I also personally feel that fishing runs in the blood of Shetland but as the EU squeezes the last breaths of life out of our fleet, I wonder how our fishermen would feel to be free from the noose of the EU/CFP and prospering under an infinitely better system?.


My standpoint is merely my own political standing just as others' political leanings are towards Great Britain or Scotland or the EU or Conservatism, Socialism or whatever etc.

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I’m new to this forum and slightly reluctant to stick my oar into the debate but it’s an enormously important issue and I can’t seem to resist the urge.


It seems to me that Ian R Clark is quite right in pointing out that this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to gain greater autonomy for Shetland and to establish a government structure with the powers needed to address the problems we’re likely to face over the next few years. Holyrood is likely to flex its muscles after the referendum – whatever the result – and unless Shetlanders actively campaign for greater powers we are likely to end up with fewer. The controversy over the Charitable Trust could well be the thin end of the wedge.


The Scottish Government is unlikely to respond positively to a ‘no’ referendum result in Shetland – why would they? It would surely be more sensible for a Shetland devolution campaign to negotiate with the SNP in advance, so that a ‘yes’ vote here for a greater degree of autonomy (either full independence or ‘DevoMax’) for Scotland can be synonymous with a vote for greater autonomy for Shetland.


It’s interesting to note that some anti-independence commentators have begun to rediscover Shetland’s famed reluctance to be defined as Scottish and to use that as evidence of weakness in the SNP’s case. A firm commitment from Holyrood, in advance of the referendum, to devolve powers to Shetland in the case of a ‘yes’ vote might well be achievable over the next year or so; it won’t be achievable after the referendum – particularly if there’s a ‘no’ vote here – and the pressure on any oil revenues will soon follow.

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oil, gas and fish. what else would they want. not 23000 scots folks that have nothing much in common with them. think they would have control of most of the northern north sea.


they don't want our wind swept islands why would they it would cost them more than they would make out of us.

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It’s interesting to note that some anti-independence commentators have begun to rediscover Shetland’s famed reluctance to be defined as Scottish .


said campaigners being generally located in Londinium, or possibly Cheltenham, rarely being able to spell 'The Shetlands' (witness wan ida Guardian who got mixed up wi the Hebrides), and generally thinking that they can encourage Partition so they get the oil. They (and the Blessed Ian) just think we are a bunch of rural boobies who will fall for this tosh. P



Like I said, the choice is between a Scotland that seeks to look to the future, or a UK that under performs on every possible international indicator. tak your choice.

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I am sure that the Vikings once lived for many years in Man, Ireland England and come to think of it, England. I think they also have very strong German links, maybe quite allot of northern Europe.I would think that Norway may want to employ Norwegian Fisher Folk once they can lay claim on the small area of sea, or perhaps I might be leaving the rose tinted glasses on.


Anyone got any ideas on the nitty gritty stuff, the transfer of pensions, social care, stocks, laws, regulations, the adoption of many EU laws, driving standards, the many folk who will leave, the millions who will lay claim (Shetland is like Ireland, small population but millions of descendants across the world). The now "foreign nationals" who reside in the communities, just as they get accepted, they now become immigrants. Border control, taxation and the many more things the Oil will pay for.


What if the only way Scotland will let go is by keeping the oil?


I am not a for or against, but if it is going to happen, let us be fully versed and answer all the questions and it has to be done right. If not, then what deals do you think Shetland and the SIC do with Scotland as a separate nation. How much will Shetland be able to get, in reality, either way. You do have to consider both.

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of all the reasons for independence the eurovision song contest had not occured to me what a wonderful one.

The problem is there is a lot of hot air but where is the representitive to drive indedpendence. where is the person with the time and ability to talk to SNP and get concessions. things need sorting before any vote. does Salmon care? has he ever been here? are we of any interest to his long term plans? who will approach Norway?

without a Shetland nation political group nothing will happen and its quite likley too late for that.

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The pepole of shetland are in a win win situation if scotland gets there indipendenc.

There is 3 posibiel scenarios we can see after a post indipendent scotland.

1. Shetland stay with scotland, and they profit from the fear of shetland leaving scotland.

2. Shetland stays with england after a negotiation where shetland keeps 10% of oil revenue from the waters outside shetland. And the other 90% goes to london.

3. Shetland goes for indipendec with a foreign policy/defence and monitary union with either scotland/england/norway


Personaly i think the 1 is most likely in a indipendnet scotland, shetland will be the skinny supermodell to the beer bellyed salmond. You dont want to loss thath.

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I would also imagine that many Norwegians understand the mutual economic benefits that would be gained from Shetland returning to Norway.




Fisheries. BTW, some of the Whalsay pelagic boats are contracted to Norwegian fish factories too.




The salmon industry.










Oil and Gas.




Shipping Investments.














Twinning Agreement.




@paulb, it's not 23,00 "scots" and your tone is very demeaning and if it's so awful why did you move here!.

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