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@paulb, it's not 23,00 "scots" and your tone is very demeaning and if it's so awful why did you move here!.


It is though, the 20 odd thousand Shetlanders are to the rest of the world Scottish. That doesn't mean that won't change in the future but at the moment Shetland is part of Scotland so paulb is stating a fact.


I don't know if you mean to come across this way but you are starting to make folk feel unwelcome who don't hail from Shetland orginally or consider themselves Scottish/English/British. I'm from Shetland and I feel that because I consider myself Scottish as well that I shouldn't be part of the Kavi Ugl grand plan for Shetland due to the tone you take when referring to Scots on the mainland.

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norway and shetland pretty much have the same excellent natural resouces. oil, fishing and renewables. since norway became independent in 1905 it has gone from one of the poorest countrys in the world to one of the richest. what has scotland achieved, lost all power of fishing to the EU, which is a disaster. the whole industry has been destroyed by clueless politicians sitting in brussels. spain, france germany and holland continuously fish around scotland catching fish the scottish fleet is not allowed to fish, is that not wrong? norway, faroe and iceland have control of there waters, and governments that strongly backs the fishing, they have a thriving industry which laughs at the handling of our waters by the uk and eu. for that reasons i would strongly back an independent scotland, maybe even some sort of agreement with norway as they have proven to be able to mange there resouces very well.

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Kavi Ugl

unlike you i am happy for shetland to be independant. part of scotland or remain in the uk. As an english person I am quite open to whatever scotland or even shetland wants. However I feel that if shetland was to become a soverign state then the last thing it should do is go rushing to join a diffrent country.


we are part of scotland at the moment. It may not have been done legally or fairly but shetland is just a county of scotland at the moment.


I chose to live here and when it comes time for a vote i will be voting for a free scotland and if it was to ever happen a free shetland. but i will still be English and proud of that fact.

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Now den, I was thinking of some of the charges, as folk seemed to have ignored other stuff.


Good new, a litre of petrol is about £1.19. Great. Dunno about out of town prices tho.


The speed limits will reduce, nation limit about 50 mph.


Prison if you are over the limit (though with a pint of beer Doubling in cost, will it be a deterent?)


To pay for the nice roads, Tolls will be enforced.


It is all fine and well with your wish list, but , with all incomers now immigrants, beer going up, motoring charges going up.


It seems you are just circling the nice things you want in an Argos Catalogue but not working out how it ALL will work.


I think it is called tunnel vision, or blinkered.


Inntil du ta opp viktige problemstillinger som med Governance, aksept av nye lover og til og med språket. Du er egentlig ikke ta opp dette. Det er Pie in the Sky

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true. however when all the westminster lot are against it it sort of indicates its quite a good move.




it's funny, but Westminster almost seems to be leaving the Union, in that the Condem's (and their Labour shadows) are busy dismantling the post WW2 settlement. The Torygraph brigade make much of Scottish students getting free tertiary education - but all the SNP have done is continue as before - it's E&W which have changed with the reintroduction of fees that working people can't afford.


Same applies to NHS, defense and welfare. I thought conservatives were supposed to conserve! Thinks, only their own wealth and advantage.


I keep saying this because it's true - the major effect of Scottish Independence when in comes (and I would put it in the next 10-15 years) will be to free England from the ghastly drapes of Great Britishness. Just because of the size and population of the place. I don't for a minute think it will become BNP land.

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The cold truth is that Shetland would face the same struggles and neglect in an independant Scotland.


maybe, but Shetland is a bigger part, proportionately, geographically and economically of Scotland than it is of the UK, or even rUK.


Hence more clout. Might have to stop voting for the whinging Fiberals who have nothing positive to say about anything ever though

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Well without an independent party that represents the wishes of Shetland (which I see no evidence of), Shetland will have no say in it's own future whatsoever.


And don't think for one minute the SNP give a monkeys about Shetlanders wishes, they can't and won't see further North than Inverness - we are nothing but a source of income as far as they are concerned. As far as I can see if Scotland gets Independence, then Shetland will be sleepwalking into permanent serfdom to Holyrood.


If there was as much effort put into organising a Shetland-centric political party as there is spouting hot air on here, then we might actually be able to get some attention and clout regardless of what happens.



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