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If Scotland became independant, what would Shetland do?

kung foo panda

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well this will get me barred but i diny care ive read enough of the bile that get spewed towards incomers on this forum by a vocal minority, wake up this happens everywhere immigrents are always an easy target to blame for all youre social ills, a man once said to me in a complaining tone that his doughter was the only one in her school with shetland connection the rest were aw sooth folk not real shetlanders, never mind the fact if it wasnt for them you wouldnt have a school or alot of the things in fact if you took all the immigrants out of shetland just how many people will you be left with?

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ACHTUNG Dratsy: I'm guessing (under your system) that Stuart Hill would now be a definite candidate for repatriation back to England.... :roll:


He would have to fly back I think.


The serious side of this are folk still have similar thoughts all over the country.

Why? I do not know, it is sad that folk can only mention another nations citizens with negativity.

From my understanding, Shetland has always been an island of many nations and creeds, when the Vikings came, there is no evidence of violence. So the small pieces left o'er from creation did build a place that invites folks and helps them. I remember the ship tied up for nearly a year because she was too unsafe to sail, and the willingness of the folk of Shetland to feed them and eventually see them leave with far more than they came with, friendship, and of course a few old cars and washing machines. The same spirit was shown with the 1999 Tall Ships with the donations of fuel and Shetland Lamb to one of the Russian entries.


When I used to come up here, from West London, I never heard the racism and witnessed violent abuse that went with it as I witnessed in Southall.

Incomers, as they have been called are really only joining the tradition Shetland has. That is one of compassion and friendship, and with a great dry humour. There are probably some cases, but I have never yet met anyone who has regretted their time in Shetland, full time or part.

Many on this forum will testify to that I am sure, of course their are the niggles, as with every place.

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I hear on the news today that Shetland and Scottish fishermen are facing the prospect of only being allowed to fish for 4 days out of every fortnight next year.


It was depressing to hear the SNP fisheries man Richard Lochead say that the yearly fisheries "talks" were all about "building alliances" to get the best outcome :roll:


If we were independant(Shetland) we wouldn't need to negotiate anything with anybody outside of Shetland.


Richard Lochead's comments was just an embarrassing example of the SNP's fawning to the EU.....

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There would have to be some negotiations, as we know fish move about, I am not sure but I can assume there are also periods when you cannot fish for certain fish.

Also, there would be the problem of regulation, if a trawler of another nation, while fishing were to enter the limits of the sea Shetland can claim, would the infrastructure be there to monitor that.

Would Shetland than want to be an armed nation, in order to defend grounds, though I am sure either the new Scottish Navy or the English Royal Navy could be involved.

Shetland would have to set quotas herself, for her own fleet and that of fee paying visitors.


On a similar note, perhaps congratulations are in order for Kavi as SIBC now list the number of local boats involved in fish landings at the market, though their numbers are smaller than others that visit.

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Oh yes, for sure there would need to be a Shetland Fisheries Patrol and our own quotas but it would be infinately better than going with a begging bowl to Brussels a week before Christmas every year and then coming home with the scraps of another bad deal!.


Hmm, I'm not convinced by SIBC. I think he sometimes mentions the names of the boats anyway but I want him to say that there were "x boxes landed by Shetland boats" and "x boxes landed by Scottish boats".


Anyway, I will outlaw the words of "Scotland" and "local" when I become PM of Shetland.


Oh, and I will also outlaw SIBC.



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Before you do that, you will need a state broadcasting station...


Here is the sorta thing SIBC tells me every morning...


SIBC @SIBC_Shetland 14h





· Open


SIBC news - White fish landings today were almost average with 7 boats, 6 local, landing over 900 boxes.

6:55 AM - 15 Dec 11 via web · Details


There is limited space with Twitter, but a start.

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"if Scotland went Independant what would Shetland do?"


The answer is in the question.


Shetland, being an integral part of Scotland, was taken into the UK when Scotland joined and I guess will leave when Scotland (which Shetland is part of) leaves.


The Nationalistic Shetland attitude was a result of manipulation by Westminster civil servants asked to come up with a plan to prevent Scotland from voting for Independence in the 1960-70's/ They felt that if they could create a nationalistic movement in the Isles then they would remove and argument for the break up of the union. It's an indication of the level of respect that those in London have for the integrity of one of the constituent nations of the UK that they would try and break it up.


In all of this however I have always found there is an underlying nastiness in some of the Isles. There are numerous chips on shoulders that somehow Shetland is hard done by and a nasty nationalistic element who have a somewhat blinkered view that anyone who is not "born and bred" Shetlanders are somehow inferior as human beings.


There is also a mistaken belief that the rest of Scotland actively hate them when people in the rest of Scotland are simply getting on with their own lives.


I have only put this down to some of my fellow islanders parochial view of the world. A world where Shetland is centre of everything when in fact we are just another part of a symbiotic world of similar peoples.


Sad but hey ho. Most people in Shetland luckily aren't like this minority.

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The Nationalistic Shetland attitude was a result of manipulation by Westminster civil servants asked to come up with a plan to prevent Scotland from voting for Independence in the 1960-70's/ They felt that if they could create a nationalistic movement in the Isles then they would remove and argument for the break up of the union.


Would that be the same Westminster stooges who came up with the plan that Shetland would be included in a "Highland & Islands" Council when local government re-organisation came along in '75? :ponders:


Not exactly the best way to encourage a Shetland "nationalistic" movement I would have thought, unless of course they were operating a reverse psychology plan. :shock: You might care to research the activities of the "Shetland Group", considered in certain quarters as the predecessor of the "Shetland Movement". My memory may very well be shot to sh*t, but I seem to recall its roots stretched back pre-1960's.

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