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Winter weather

PJ of Hildisvik

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I had to pop into Tesco(it's always a last resort for me) and the heaving, panic buying I saw was frankly embarrassing and is a sad inditement of what Shetland has become.


You'd think there wasn't another single shop in Shetland :roll:


Doos spot on - Dill likely be a run on da banks damorn (or maybe ower da banks given the Soltice and this Mayan pish)

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It's da posh wye o saying "toonie" :wink:


I would gaff if da shelves were cleaned oot in Tesco wi nae boats running :lol:


Infact, it's da best at could happen for Shetland's own peerie shops :D .


Again I agree - my total houshold shop today was a bag of Bressay tatties and a pint o' Shetland milk. I might have tae panic when dat runs oot and head to Suzannaland with me cup for a peerie borrow :)

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Looks like it is going to be a poor day on Sunday. Storm force winds from the ESE, plus snow. If there are no ferries tonight, it's maybe unlikely that there will be any more this side of xmas? Has the panic buying started in Tescos yet? :shock:


Du's no kiddin, popped into see folk in da toon and thought I go to da Coop or Tescos for some bits and pieces.


The Coop car park was as full as I've ever seen it and Tescos mobbed. Didna get my bananas though as the fruit shelf was empty, but I doot I'll live.


I've never seen so many trolleys with the wheels buckling under the weight.



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