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Winter weather

PJ of Hildisvik

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^ :) Doot wadder nort wizna so bad yisterday so nae doot Forvik survived, cudna hiv been graet sooth end o Foula, nae brucks o sea snakes yit. Just as bad as you see im here at Scatness. Wan taen lookin towards da peerie holm and Burgi fae Gersness.


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I think the photographs are excellent.


As for Forvik, it is as though it never happened. You can call a rock all sorts of different names but its still a rock. And that rock will be around longer than the Captain!!


The weather can change Shetland Life. But can Shetand Life change the weather?


Its about time I invested in a Wind Turbine of my own. Seems to be alot of wind about lately? :idea:

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