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Winter weather

PJ of Hildisvik

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I have a big gate being blown against its hinges. I have put large rocks against it and it moved them. I put some heavy pots with earth in them but it still blew them away. I have tried once more with the rocks and the pots together but fully expect to be minus the gate by the morning.

I tried to carry a sack of sand but could hardly stand up out there in the wind.

Have measured 66mph only (!) this afternoon which is bad enough. Averaging around 30mph as I type this but gusting over 40mph.


This wind seems to have been blowing for the best part of the past 2 months it seems. Am not enjoying it!

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The electricity to our shed, containing our two freezers, has shorted and we can't turn it back on without the downstairs electricity going off in the house. Maybe there is some water got to the circuiot somewhere on the wiring out to or in the shed itself.

How long will the food remain useable if the freezers remain unopened?

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Couple of brief power cuts and one of about a half hour here in North Yell. Amazed that it kept going. BBC reports a 101mph gust at Sella Ness and a house losing its roof at Mossbank (no injuries). Feel sorry for anyone who had to be out in the worst of the gale although I am pleased to hear less wind noise now.........might get some sleep tonight after all.

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Do hope you all have a lot of torch batteries
Not only torch batteries (and several torches) but a little gas stove, candles and a battery radio, a battery radio with short wave reception, a battery CD player and a spoken book loaded onto a battery MP3 player. Tank full of hot water plus storage heaters and a great big duvet if things got seriously cold. Enough food for me not to need to go to the shops for at least a week.....or longer but porridge gets boring after a while and a minimum of 10 days prescription medicines.........way more at the moment but that is because I got a double lot last week as the health centre is changing their computers.


As well as my normal hands free phone I have a second one that will work during power cuts and I have a mobile that I keep charged (but no mobile signal within the house). And quite a lot of books to read if I do not have electricity to power the computer and the DVD player.


Must admit my preparations are not perfect as I only have one day's supply of alcohol but I can live with that. And this message is not meant to be any sort of boasting with me saying "look how good I am" but to perhaps make people living outside of Lerwick to think what they ought to have.


And unlike this person http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-wiltshire-16326965 I have several weeks supply of toilet paper.

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^be okay for up to 24hrs but best run a temporary lead to your shed tomorrow first thing.



I couldn't do that it it was raining. Also, if the problem was caused by one of the freezers, it would blow the fuse in the house instead.


Not sure I follow you daveh, all you need is a 3 core insulated extension lead from a socket in your house to the freezers. Will not matter if it's raining. :?

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