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Emergency roof repairs - recommendations?

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Hi all,

After fixing my toilet last week with somebody recommended by Shetlinkers, I thought I'd ask you again...


The storm last night has taken 3 tiles off our roof, and we're no longer weatherproof.


Can anyone recommend a roof repair firm who'll come out as soon as it is safe to?


We're Westside.


It isn't a big job - one smashed tile, one cracked tile and a missing ridge tile.


Thanks :)

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Just out of interest, wouldn't you ring the insurance company? Don't they have to arrange it?


Some Insurers expect you to obtain three quotes and then they will cough up the dosh upon completion of the works. Other Insurers, for example, the likes of premier companies such as Hiscox, tend to organise everything. However, as Dave above has quite rightly pointed out, sometimes the cost of the excess can make it pointless in submitting a claim. There is also the question as to whether said property is insured.

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