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Yuletide messages


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Need ta rest an swaudge


Aa da very best; hae you you da splendidest o' yules, wan an' aa!




...sorry, bit whit does "swaudge" mean :?:


I is replying on Ghostrider's behalf cos He is doing the washing up! :o


After 6 minutes I asked Him what was taking so long and He was waffling on about Shetland lingo phonetics not matching English lingo so between us, 'swaudge' was the closest we could get to (hic, slur, hic) to what I couldn't read from schwadgh and gawd knows what else ... meaning 'digest'... or summat like that ...


Now I got Him tied up in kitchen, up to His armpits in Fairy Liquid, I can wish everyone myself Yuletide Greetings (had a splendid Winter Solstice cheers!) ...


... and yes Ghostie, I can cook and thank You for the prezzie. ...


...oops, must go, apparently my two dogs are eyeing up the remains of the bird and Ghostie is giving into them - can't be having anyone distracting Him from the washing up, now can I? :wink:

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