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There is of course this as well...




bit more local.


Here where I am....


We have a several community projects on going at the moment.

We support community gardens, orchards and coppicing. This year we gave away quite allot of veg to elderly residents around the garden as a thank you for keeping an eye on it. Next year we will be giving away shoe box gardens and the like, we have handed over the running of one raised bed to the youth club at the community centre. Also provided tools to do the jobs.


What folk can do is approach the council about plots of land that could be used as a garden. Generally, they hare happy to do this as id removes it from the maintenance list though they still support the land. This then makes way for grants to be applied for as the garden now has "partners" and the gift of the use of the land could be used.


We will also encourage more service users to come along, we have a couple, it would be great to have more..

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