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Shetlink: is it time to quit?


Is Shetlink still a valuable part of Shetland life?  

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  1. 1. Is Shetlink still a valuable part of Shetland life?

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If we were to act like we do here, in the street, we would probably get arrested.


Absolute bollox! There's virtually nothing said on here that isn't said in ten times worse terms in the street, in the pub and in folks houses etc continously.


Could you quantify 10 times worse a racist or a bigot?


Not without contravening the site T&C's.


The T&C's are fine as they are, anybody that takes offence at anything that complies with them, is being IMHO a tad over-sensitive and/or finding fault where none exists just for the sake of stirring. If you start sanitising every comment to appease the literal letter of ultra squeaky clean PC philosophy and positively "discourage" negativity, you may as well close the place as the atmospehere and image created will be nearer to Neverneverland than reality.


You have just made that up. Adding to the conditions to reflect the seriousness of racism, bigotry, incitement and persecution by PM should be addressed. I will repeat that I may consider reporting the next openly racist comment to the police, anyone in the world can do that as it is an open forum.


No, I didn't just make it up, its my opinion, end of.


Why do the T&C's need adding to? Something is either acceptable or unacceptable, I don't subscribe to the belief that any of those on your list are in some way "worse" than any other personal "attack" on another individual.


I was under the impression that PM's were already subject to exactly the same T&C's as posts, the T&C's are site T&C's are they not?


You will of course, as an individual have to make your own mind up as to what you feel you must report to whomever and whenever.


The other odd thing some do is make complaint that a comment or phrase is wrong and should not be there for fear of upsetting folk and then quoting it. That is just turd stirring, which some seem quite good at doing. I have yet seen the point of duplicating anything that could upset, or be made to upset.


How else can the poster of the potentially problematic comment be adequately alerted to the issue? Okay, a PM could be sent, but that takes more time and work, and there is no reason why anyone alerting a poster in such circumstances should be expected to do any more than they feel like doing about it. They are the one doing the poster a favour after all, they could as well have chosen to have a laugh about it and move on.


If the poster decides they do not wish to leave there comment standing, they either have to delete it themselves, in which case it would usually be considered polite that they also would contact the person alerting them of the issue to express their gratitude, and mention they'd amended their comment. In doing so the person who'd posted quoted it would then know that their post had served its purpose and was then irrelevant and meaningless, and it would be assumed most would have the common sense to then remove it too. Alternatively, if the poster of the original comment is unable to edit it, they are going to have to request a Mod do it, in which case its virtually as easy to ask that the Mod edits both posts at the same time.


The most important point IMHO of posting quoting the potentially problematic statement, is to cover for a scenario where having been made aware or a potential issue, the poster of the comment chooses to ignore the warning and do nothing. In that case a warning post with the statement at issue quoted becomes a public record that the original comment was not just made in ignorance of what it could be taken to insinuate, but that either the warning they'd been given had gone completely over their head, or they simply refused to believe it, or that they were fully aware what their statement could be taken to say, and were prepared to stand behind it and defend it.


Using other folks accounts is another thing that is wrong, as folk will never trust who is who.


I was going to skip this, but on second thoughts. Have you been made a Shetlink Mod, or are you hacking Shetlink? As if you're neither, notwithstanding that's its common practice across much of the net for family members residing in one home to share or have a shared account on a site, I fail to see how you can have the first clue who posts on whose account or how many accounts any one individual may post from.


A cross section of any population is a very diverse bunch, from the always chirpy to the permenantly dour, and from those who never shut up to those who never say a thing. To artificially remanufacture any random grouping of individuals in to a happy-clappy its all sunshine and roses and lets all be friends group, is to simply force the enaction of a fantasy that represents no-one and nothing and will end up imploding or exploding.


More over reaction to prove your own point.


Nope, just my (again) opinion of the human animal in general and how they interact.


What I do see in this post is a little of the darkside. You may be a knight in shining armour to some, you may be held in a different light to others.


I should care? Life is not a popularity contest.


Banter is fine, but hatred is not.


I think you'll find that which is which relies quite heavily on individual (again) opinion.

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So, you have made it all up. Hatred can be defined, it already has been by law. It really is that simple. To then advocate it is OK because you think is OK is not OK. Your long winded "I will do what I like because I say it is OK" comments may suit you. If someone finds offence, then they have the right to complain, if someone is looking of offence, they may be as bad as the offender. You do not have the right to tell someone they are not offended. The changes to the T&C's I hope will be to exclude those who incite hatred, bigotry and racism from the forum and report such matters to the correct authorities.

Swamping the thread with a extruded explanation does not make you any more right, no matter how much of the page you fill.


There have been accusations of racism already on these forum, did a thread get removed because someone took offence.


It further makes the point that it can be difficult for all those in the community to join in with these threads.

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SP, your comment about the chocolate man could be regarded as being racist. Your comments about "rum burgers' lately on another thread on here most certainly could be construed (edit - just woke up) as being racist - does that mean I should go running to the Police about what you put? Now you probably don't think any of these examples are racist - it is down to the Moderators to decide.


It isn't time to quit IMHO. Yes, a few more Moderators with the ability to delete users wouldn't go amiss, a few more Moderators with the time to tell us when we're out of order would be appreciated, lest not forgetting the Classifieds. Mods, we might not always say it, but we appreciate you!

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It is about already proven facts. Some may think an opinion may be offensive to them, it is their prerogative to take it further, with or without the moderators or admins opinion.

Because you hide behind a name does not mean you can flout the law. The law stands as it is, doing a private deal does not diminish the reach of the law to that agreement.



No, I didn't just make it up, its my opinion, end of.
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All my family and friends think the Shetlink forum is the biggest load of poop ever. I'm the only one who likes it. I think it's so great it should be made into a soap. I love all the regular posters, they stir up so many emotions with their many, many posts on just about every subject you might care to think about. It can be very thought provoking. Or sometimes just provoking.

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