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anyone had any bother with our local veterinary surgery in the old capital?


I will explain the situation - Took 8 month old kitten to vets today due to the fact she had licked a previous wound red raw, the wound was just above her shoulder blade, just low enough to get her tongue on it. The vet looked at her, proceeded to say something along the lines of 'what should i do?'. cut ALL claws on her paws. Gave us a gel specifically designed for dogs then never gave her a Elizabethan collar. If I had been there i would have 'suggested' this would stop her licking her wound. So now that she is home, she is licking good style causing the wound to be red raw again? Why would he cut the front set of claws? when have you ever seen a cat scratching the upper part of their bodies with the front paws?? so now she is trying to climb on to anything and keeps falling off... its obviously causing her a bit of distress too. He asked if she had fleas, i might surely he could just look over her to check, so he tried but wir cat just wanted to go back in her carrier, he didnt seem to look at all then said 'looks ok'?


This particular vet came across as a bit odd the first time i took her for a check up, our cat jumped up from the table onto her basket and he got a fright. I found this rather odd as it was obvious she was going to do this, he looked over her and found nothing out of the ordinary and away home i went.


if anyone can help me understand this fair enough but overall a bit disappointed with the level of service.


The other vet seems to be good. going to go there tomorrow to buy a collar, day wasted for wir cat.

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